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3 Calendar Months - Done !!


Hi everyone :)

Just called into say that's me - 3 calendar months done and dusted and heading now into month 4 (both for me and hub, can't believe it). Think we've finally cracked it this time thank God. Our holiday to Portugal has now been paid for, including our spending money and not only that we've just booked another 2 flights to go back out in November for a week, all with money we would never have had we still been smoking - unbelievable really that 2 sensible adults could have ever justified being so stupid :eek:

Good luck to you all in your quits, keep going for it - if you really want it, you can have it and we are proof of that xx

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Thanks mates :D xx

Brilliantly done:D the holidays make it well worth it:D

Thanks Beer :) Congratulations on reaching your milestone too - onwards and upwards xx

Congratulations to you both, 2 free holidays out of it, amazing, enjoy :) xx

Thanks DBR and Donna :)

What a positive post! Where are you going in Portugal? I went twice last year, such a lovely country, I wish I could join you.

Keep up the good work you'll be at one year in no time x

Kirsty we are off to Albufeira (old town) - can't wait :) xx

Love a great positive post. Enjoy your every moment . You and oh deserve it:)

Congratulations on your 3 months. Hope you both enjoy your holidays. :)

Well done on the 3 months. It's a bit like winning the lottery on a regular basis this quit for you two ay!

Enjoy your free holiday you so deserve it.

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