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Month 3 - tough one!!

Aaagh, have been doing so well but after my 'vivid smoking dream' I have had a fair few major, long lasting craves.

In the middle of one right now in fact!

Gary - we're on about the same number of days I think, and I see you have mentioned the 3 month thing too. How stange! Must be true what they say!

Anyway, like all the previous craves, I'm sure it'll pass! :D

Keep on keeping on peeps xx

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Not just you if it's any consolation, I'm having a bit of a bad time of it at the moment too. Pulling my hair out with constant craves and getting a bit fed up tbh :(

Miserable Pip :(


Aw Pip, stick with it :o

It's horrible, I know, but it's passed before and it will do again.

There's no way we can crack after this long!!


Come on guys...I'm behind you on this one....but I'm propping you up from the rear....if you can get this far you can get're winning........NICKOTEEN can go do one..... :0)


Hi JQ,

You are part of the SSS club and you are not allowed to scare us like this so far in to the quitting process.

I think that part of the problem at this stage is that we are not prepared for craves this far in and when they do come we are caught off guard, but you need to remember that they don't last .... we know this but may need reminding ( I'm reminding you !!!:) ).

You should also remember that saying NO to the 1st cig is easy....saying no to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 20th, etc. that is hard .....DO NOT HAVE THE 1st ONE... :p:D



The above applies to you too ...:)

Stay strong, :D


JQ & Pip I am so glad to see your posts - I really thought it was only me. I just keep imagining having one and can't believe that after this time I still forget and think 'I will just do this then go outside to have a smoke' before realising that I don't smoke anymore. Only good thing at the moment is that I have £220 in my jar:D




Hi Claire

Yes wierd times it seems for us SSS at the moment. I was beginning to think it was just me till I read JQ's post. I'm a little hesitant to post negative thoughts but perhaps we all need to vent. It still early days but I feel a responsibility to "woman up" and just get on with it. I think maybe I'm a little more "wobbly" than I thought I would be at this point and it's disconcerting. Hopefully it's just the 3month thing. I wouldn't mind checking in with a post 3 monther to get their perspective but they seem thin on the ground???


I wouldn't mind checking in with a post 3 monther to get their perspective but they seem thin on the ground???

I really hope that's because they are all enjoying their new found freedom without the ciggies and not because they have been beaten.:(

Now to the positives - I smell nice, have more money, don't waste time stood outside in the cold, enjoy my food (but that's a bad thing because there's another problem lol) Hopefully in a few days I might feel better - Christmas is coming :D


Im not posting in 4 and 5 till I think Ive earned it. Month 3 is a buggard and we will dual to the finish.


Day 67:

I also have been thinking "Just have one" it wont do any harm:eek:

But then I read a post by KitKat, who did have "just one". It was a brilliant post and stopped me in my tracks. I can't find that post :mad: If anyone reading this knows where that post is let me know.


I think this is just a phase we need to get through. This week I've been okayish - but the 2 weeks before were horrible, almost as if I had just quit. Think I got the 3 month craves early :confused:.

BUT it does seem to be passing and getting easier again. Just really wish there was some logical reason behind it - would make it easier to get through. It seems to be the little triggers now that set off the craves - like finishing a job at home and thinking automatically 'time for coffee and a cig'...wierd.

But we must NOT give into the craves - they do pass and will just make us stronger! :D


I had the last weeks about 5 smoking dreams . So REAL ...its unbelievable. :confused: Why I get them now , I don't know. I would've thought I get them earlier in the quiet.

It leaves me a little confused for few minutes. :confused:

One thing I do know, it just a phase and it will pass. Just another thing

to get through. We can do it :D



Pleased to see you're still doing so well :) Sorry you're getting craves still but stick with it - you've come so far. I've had a quietish time recently, craves all but gone. I think I've become more focused on dieting that not smoking lately as my weight has er blossomed :eek: so not thought much at all about the fags. Tonight will be testing for me though as I'm going to an xmas party with 2 friends who BOTH SMOKE:eek: so hope I'm not speaking too soon!!!


I bought some creamy chocolate truffles that really make you crave one. I ate about 15 of them yesterday. Gave my neighbor part of them. He likes the ciggys and weed but has cancer.


oh dear....

Move over, Gladys Knight and the Pips. The only band in town now is...

Jittery Quitter and the Sad Septembers. :D

Nothing upbeat. No rocking. Blues and dirges only. :(

Good to hear that you are all hanging on in there, even if you have hit a bit of a dip. Take it from one who is a few steps ahead, it really, really does get easier. Honestly.



Heya JQ

Seems you and I shared the same cravings month 3 :(

The good news is that for me afer about a week or soo into month3 they went away :)

I now feel top of the World again!

God luck and sodier through.


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