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almost end of day 3

Hi all fellow day 3 people and those I hav meet in last week. Dee, Stomper,Maragret+++++++ others

today has been hard.had a lie in, helped as that was a few hours not thinking about cigs, but it was hell once I got up.. the first hour all i could do was think about a fag espcially after eating. anyway got through it. didnt stop for 6 hours solid washing soft furnishings and cleaning. almost 6 wine open cats sorted and on settee...feeling good. oh and Daisey May on my knee how can I smoke with her demanding stroks

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Lovely to see you upbeat.

Can't belive you'be done so much cleaning!! I need your motivation.

I find sleeping fantastic cos ...well, can't sleep and smoke can you!! got up at 14.00 myself!


101009 2 pm god never slept tht long. stayed in bed till 11. felt sorry for cats so got up to feed them, then was like a mad man. I had to clean and wash to get rid of the nasty smell of smoke. opps just had a crave.......

yes sleep is good.I am shattered so fingers crossed bed time soon.. if my wireless was working I cud watch TV in bed as I am now a "Non smoker""

cravin passed ahhhhhh:):):)


Well in my defense, I went to bed at 4.30AM yesterday. friday nights are always tough as my friends come around and smoke all night!! but did well yesterday with just a few mild cravings that I decided not to dwell on so they went away!:D

My hubby gets up earlier so he feeds the cat!! so I can be guilt free. I am a very heavy sleeper and it's worse when I stop smoking. I seem to be so tired all the time?!



Way to go. Hang in there now. Looking forward to hearing how much easier day 4 is.



could kill a cig right now......ur doing well with others in house smokin...I did it years ago when I lived with a mate.... we oth stoped at same time but she started after 4 weeks.... I managed 7 months waas hard.

cant u ask ur friends not come round till ur under control?

dont seem fair on u putting up with it


Hi Tigger,

Hope the crave past now. Sorry I wasn't around but went to have some dinner.

As for my friends, I prefer to have them around than not and they're are heavy smokers so would get quite nervy if they couldn't smoke but if I ask for one they refuse me!! They are really supportive and really want me to stop so it's cool!!


Hi Tiggerpaws :D

Day 4 now and so sorry yesterday was hard for you nut you made it and that's great

Ohhhhhhhhhhh all that cleaning makes me feel tired reading about it but loys of us including me find it a huge help to be busy

I hope tomorrow/today is easier for you


Marg xxx


Dear Tigger, I am proud of the way you dusted yourself off and got right back in there. This time you will know what to expect and how to deal with it. Keep on adding days to the quit and you will achieve something really special. Take care and stay in touch.



well its halfway through day 4. sat watching x factor from last night. and yes DM on my knee, its as though she knows I am stopping. house smells so much better now everything is washed.... what can I do to keep busy ..... I am half way though a NVQ4 in management but cant be bothered.... hows everyone else doing on here



Hi Sue,

Doing ok today trying to study for my MSc in surveying and can't be bothered either.

But another day is almost over, well not really but we're getting there!!:rolleyes:

Personnally, I am looking forward to get to 7 full days (Tuesday 8am)!!!

Think that this time first week went faster than previous quits!!:)


Hi Sandrine

been a long day I really need a cig but wont give in.. It feels like a part of my life is missing. I just keep thinking of all the positive of not smoking.. well done a week on Tuesday for you.

If I had not slipped up tomorow morn would be my 7 day.. alas I have to wait till thursday.....

heres to use keep up the good work



I found that having slipped now helps me cos I can see where I could be if I didn't give in to nicodemon!!

Yeah, it's hard but having a cig won't make it better.

The good things won't be better and the bad things will still be bad but feeling bad cos you had one. Defo not worth the hassle!!

I agree that it feels different, sometimes feels like time stopped but it's just an illusion!!

We've been having this for so long that it's part of us but it's over, like an abusive relationship, it has to stop.

Keep going and thursday will be around the corner before you know it!:):)



well i wont be smoking thats for sure.....the first week is hell week why spoil that with a stupid little thing in my mouth feeling stronger by the day but its so hard.

wish it was 9 at night and bed time the longest day ever. last week was hard in work Mon to wed such long days, was on training thurs fri so that was a lot easier.

this week mon to wed is pretty busy so hope it passes quick

soon you will be working to week 2 well done



Well Done!!

Hi Tiggerpaws!!

Well done on Day 3, its almost done too... so soon you'll be on day 4... hoorah!! :)

I find my animals quite reassuring too... i have 1 Dog and 1 Cat, a plathora of fish.. and the OH too. My doggie has been quite lovely in sitting with me when moods are low.. they're invaluable my little furry children, and its good that they are now not smoking with me when i did. They have no choice, and so my choice is for them too. :D

Good Luck... Your doing marvellously!!! xx


hi zozie

almost at end of day 4....

not nice but determined

its easier when Daisey May is on my knee as I have something to do with my hands..... soon be bedtime then I will wake to day 5.

keep up the fight and give ur pets a cuddle from me. I too felt bad for the cats as they are house cats..... now they can breath easier:):)



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