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Almost at the end of another Day 1

To all of you who talked sense into my last night, thank you :)

Nearly at the end of another Day 1 :)

Bad points of the day:

-> had a difficult morning this morning, craves were bad, I almost gave up at first hurdle but I stuck on a patch, had a few puffs on the ecig and got ready for work

-> I'm eating so much, I think I'll need to give the weekly weigh in a miss tomorrow night, couldn't deal with another failure this week! I'll deal with the smoking battle for now!

-> I'm a bit snappy and cranky

Good points for today:

-> I'm nearly a full day smoke free

-> I had more time to play with my son after work rather than hanging out the back door smoking

-> I could concentrate better at work. All I could think about yesterday during work was getting home for a smoke didn't have that problem today!

-> I didn't stink or as max says pong :D

-> my dinner was lovely

I listened to the Allen Carr app today during work, and one part really caught my attention. He said we don't see ourselves as life long smokers which is true (well for me anyway) therefore we will have to go through the process of breaking free at some stage - again very true. Therefore he says why delay, especially when the addiction were dealing with kills us progressively!

Struck a ford with me today so just thought I'd share :)

How you all doing?

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MrsM I am doing great now I have heard from you. You are doing marvellous and it is great you can see the good in today. Hold onto those good bits and keep a tight grip on this beautiful new shiny quit you got going. Soon it will be the most precious thing you own.

Well done.



Thanks Paul! I'm holding firmly with both hands :)


Great to hear that you've come back, congratulations on day 1. Keep all the good thoughts in your head and just look forward to your freedom :)


You are an inspiration Mrs Mash. There will be newbies that come along, they may or may not "bounce" onto the forum. They may well keep quiet and struggle. They may not know quite how to reach out.

What they can do though is read your story and see how well you can regroup, how positive you can see it and that you can succeed.

Please keep this going Mrs M, you so deserve to do well love :)

Molly x


Glad you are back and took that decision, small steps, one day at a time, and for your list, I can see that the positives far outweigh the negatives, you have been here before and know what to do. Is hubby still on side?

Go girl! :)


Thanks everyone :)

Yes hubby is still onside thankfully but I'll not make my freedom dependent on his but it does make life so much easier!

How are you doing now Marta?


Great news, so much easier, I am glad! Much better thanks, grumpy Marta has left, still going thanks for asking!!!


Excellent Marta :) sure we all have those moments ;)


Thanks Debbie, yep it's only me an win this battle, have given up on the idea that some form of magic is going to flip the switch lol


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