No Smoking Day

quitting hard almost day 3


im almost on day 3. about to go to sleep soon so i can get up early for church in the morning.

i had quite a few cravings today on day 2, and from what ive read, it never gets easier lol

ive read peoples experiences all the way up till week 5! they still struggle with cravings.

i dunno honestly how long it will be before i cave and have one, but i know ill feel bad afterwards.

im on zyban, dunno if it's working, what it's exactly supposed to do. i know there isn't a magic pill or anything.

and i know if i have just one smoke a day or whatever, it won't stop at JUST ONE.

it will be one then more then more like always.

im really really struggling.

i dunno maybe quitting right now just isn't for me i have no idea.

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wanted to post one more thing...

thursday night at 11pm was my last smoke. like i said ive almost been smoke free for 2 whole days. it's now saturday night at 7:41pm.

my actual quit date wasn't until november 10th 2007. the day my mom passed 3 years ago from smoking.

it just so happened that friday morning when i woke up i was like... wow i slept so long that i haven't had a smoke now for nearly half a day.

i wasn't ready. i talked to my dad who has quit and he said keep going.

i just dunno if i should continue smoking until nov 10th.

im really craving.


Well you are right about cravings! We still have cravings but NOT EVEN CLOSE to what it was like on day 2-3-4-5! It DOES get easier and you must fight the urges. You need to be strong and you are - so hang in there. You will find that there is never a good time to quit. We always find excuses to why we should hold off and try again another day. Don't stop this quit. You can do it! Now is the best time of all because you are saving your lungs sooner rather than later. The longer you hold off the harder it will be to quit later!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don't give in. After this week you will be soooo proud of yourself...AND SO WILL WE!! Keep busy and try not to focus on the ciggie urges.

SEE YOU IN DAY 3 cause I know you will get there! ;)


Sonshine day 3 is renowned for being hard,

If you just play it hour by hour rather than going into a panic about never smoking again you may find it easier.

Also you could try some NRT nicotine gum.

Just try and stay with it and find something to do for 10mins or so when it gets hard, maybe a walk or reading or drawing?!

Try not to over think about it all x x x x just go do something more exciting when it is hard x x

~Buffy x x


Hey Sonshine, just replied to you in the other thread hehe. You know, about the cravings - like Buffy says, do not over think about it all! all this over thinking and panicking and obsessing over thoughts about in-5-months-cravings sounds to me like coming directly from the nicotine demon - be stronger than it and ignore it! Breathe deep in and out, focus on the endless benefits of quitting, try and smile and be happy about quitting as you surely should be, you owe it to yourself!


Stick with in Sonshine!!! And WELL DONE on getting this far.

Taking the initial leap is the hardest, all the rest is just not smoking - EASY!!!

Well, not easy, but the bad times really don't last for long. You've already read around here and probably come across some really good tips.

Stick with us - we all know what you're going through.

I've got 11 weeks behind me now, its flown by!!! And i'm so proud of myself.

You can have that too, really soon!!!!:D :D


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