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No Smoking Day
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Day one again - this time with gum!

Hi all

After trying a number of times going cold turkey and failing, I've decided to use gum now! Have had 1 piece so far and don't want to smoke at all, so all good :)

I do find the gum irritates my throat though, but if it staves off pangs and stops me reaching for the tobacco, then so be it!! :)

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Hiya well done for giving it another go, I use Lozenges and initially it caused a bit or irritation in the back of my thought and on my gums but that subsides after a few days.

Keep up the good work.



Well done for stopping again, maybe you are chewing the gum too long, think you are supposed to hold it in your cheek after a few chews.

Good luck.



You can do it doglover - well done for giving it another go.

"If at first you don't suceed...Try and try again!!"


Good luck Doglover, I really hope you manage to give up the dreaded weed this time. I have tried many times before and failed, but this time I really am going to do it :)



Just be kind to yourself when you are quitting. CT is a very tough call.. and life has a habit of surprising us with stress and trouble, so having a secret weapon to help you quit is important and if it gets you over the early hurdles... then excellent.

Good luck for the coming days, but do us a favour? on your danger days? day 3/4? if it gets difficult... you MUST post on here.. and chat to your hearts content with anyone who's here to listen. Folk do care, it would be nice to see you get past your danger day(s).. and into a quit you are happy with.

Giz a yell on here if you need us.




Hope those early days go a little easier for you now you have a helping hand.

Looking forward to seeing you smoke free days add up:cool:

All the best


Thanks all

Hello all

Thank you all for your replies - its great to know there are other quitters rooting for you :)

I had my last fag at 9.30pm last night and so far (its now 4pm) I'm feeling ok! Had 3 bits of gum so far and it really is staving off the cravings :) Just hope I don't get addicted to gum now haha!!

If I stay smoke free till sat then my treat is a walk along the beach followed by a greasy spoon cafe breakfast :):)

Thanks again all!


Doglover, that breakfast sounds fab, it s not long till Sunday.

Keep going, you will make it I am in awe of your resolve. You keep coming back and are obviously determined to quit.

Day 2 tomorrow....


Cold turkey is very hard so don't feel bad if ya can't do it.

I like thge patches, purely for the reason that the nicotine is at a fairly constant level in the bod, so you never really get a full on crave, whereas with just gum, you are following the same pattern as you were when smoking, nicotine burst for a few mins , stop, half hour later chew more gum. It's too easy to go, i'll have a cig, rather than a bit of horrible tasting gum....

But that said, when i first quit i decided to utilise every possible method at my disposal, so i have patches, and gum and inhalator if i still want a "nicotine hit" on top. (There's no harm in doing this on top of patches, as long as you don't go mad)Then i have honeyrose herbal cigs (yuck, btw, just yuck) if i'm desperate to "smoke" summat, plus ordinary gum and sweets, plus allen carr, plus anything else i can think of. You gotta give it your best shot!


Just wanted to add my best wishes also you can do this with or without gum it doesn't matter the main thing is your trying different ways and trying to find the best way that works for you and that's all anyone can do. :D Good luck and all the best!


Hi Doglover :)

Well done you starting again and I hope the gum works for you so far it aooears to be helping with the craves just hang in there




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