preparing for day one again

Hi all. I posted on here for a few days in January and picked up the horrible weed again 😯 but I am stopping tomorrow with patches. I really hope I succeed this time!!!

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  • Good luck, if you are determined and really want it, you can do anything

  • Hi brighty, good to have you back on board, wishing you all the best for tomorrow xx

  • Thank you. I really want to crack it now x

  • This time, stick to the forum like glue. Post every day, even if it's going well, it will keep you close to the help if you need it and will also help motivate others.

    No luck is needed when quitting, just an absolute desire and conviction to never, ever, put a lit cigarette in your mouth again.

    NOPE is the only way to go, we are addicts!

  • As Capitan said, there is no luck involved in this - just an absolute belief that you can do it; NEVER doubt it, it really is true. Every long term quitter will tell you that they never thought they could do it; every long term quitter will tell you that if they can do it, anyone can do it - again, all true!!

  • Good luck Brighteyes ..... practice makes perfect . I had a few blips before my last cigarette which was almost 4 years ago now . Hang in there :)

  • Hi BrightEyes, and welcome home!

    Good on you for getting back on that wagon, throw everything you can at that monster to help you get through.

    Captain pretty much said it all, stick to the forum like glue and there's no such thing as 'Just One' there's only a life of freedom! You can do this and we'll be here to help along the way.

  • Good luck, go for it, shout if you need to, i have daily so far but cracking on with day five! We can win this battle! Xxxxx

  • Hi bright eyes, welcome back. Good advice given so far... just stay close to this forum and post as much as you can, especially if you feel that you are starting to will help

  • Yes bright eyes let us know how you are getting on

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