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I'm Back and it Day One again for me



I have to day 1 of quitting, so far so good.

I tried last week but never suceeded, but I am determined this week.

I'll keep posting for advice and support.

thanks guys


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Good to see you back, i've been keeping an eye out for you after you promised you would! Well done for starting the quit again, Keep positive and post lots! x

Hi, good for you, glad to have you back. as well as all the posting you are going to do, don't forgot to do the reading as well. It really helped me and loads of us around here, and along with the support you will receive it will help you get through any hard time ahead, just remember you choose not to smoke today.

Good luck for your new start, remember the reading, it will help you to get your understanding of the nicotine addiction sorted again.

Look forward to seeing your posts.


Hi there

And well done on coming back, ive read alot on here about it only being a failure if you dont keep trying!! Keep going and good luck to you. xx

Thanks everyone

Still good I've been reading a lot of stuff and some of the poems are quite thought provoking.

I'm drinking lots of water and chewing on fruit but its not bad at all so far.

I'll keep you all posted.


Hi Madhatter :D

Welcome back well done restarting your quit



I keep telling you guys that all those other quit methods can't compare to tootsie roll pops. No way no how. If you have 3 a day your sure to quit:D

by the way banana's are the best favor.

Hi still okay, but feeling restless and bored this afternoon. I'll need to keep myselft busy this evening, really fancied one ealier, so I went for walk and took some deep breathes.

I am just going to have to ride the cravings.

cheers guys for the support.

lol, I wondered what tootsie roll pops are, so googled them.

I don't even know what there called here in the UK, Lollypops I think?


I actually went for jelly babies myself, but I think your candy tootsie roll pops would have done a better job, and been far cheaper!


Tootsie Rolls are these chocolate soft candies. They take those and put them in the center of different flavored lollipops Jusy a candy in the US that ya see most place you see candy bars chip etc.


Very dangerous:D product, almost as addictive as cigerettes.

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