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Starting again for the lst time and its the first day


Hi Again,

So the weekend away is over now there was no way I was going to survive that one. But its done with now, I intend to make this month the month of change so it starts now. I had one today with the girls when we got to my place luckily the nausea has stopped me from wanting anymore, hangovers do come in handy occassionally. Hope to be starting a thread in Day 2 successfully tomorrow!!!!

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Helloooooooooooo:) I amstarting again today so we can keep an eye on each other.

Clear & Flippy

Are you guys taking any medication?

Zyban (bupropoion) is working for me most on here seem to prefer Champix (varenicline)

Hi folks,

I'm also having another go today, although this is my first time on the forums :D

we can all do it... yeay lets look forward to meeting uip again on day 2.

I am going cold turkey NRT and medications generally make me feel nauseaous

Hope things go better for you this time Clear.. keep the faith!

Good choice on choosing cold turkey too.

Good luck folks !!

I went and caved in again today, tomorrow I will start my Quit properly again !

Welcome back to you all. stick together and we can do this YESSSS !!!

Seems great when two of you quit the same day and can keep encouraging each other on the forum.

The two lassies (in real life) that quit with me have caved :(

It's nice to have the support :D

look forward to seeing you in week 3 cta! stay strong

Lynnn your doing great.

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