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Day 1 Today

Hi All :)

Thank you all for your lovely comments & good advice on my post yesterday.

Well today is the day. Day 8 of champix and Day 1 of not smoking. This morning I took the next level dose of the pill and felt more sicky then every to the point I was kecking. I was fine though after an hour.

When I got up this morning I was going to have a ciggie & thought I'd use another date as my quit date. But then found I was questioning my self as to whether I wanted when and decided not to.

Then at 10 this morning I thought oh I'll go from a smoke and cuppa now and went in my bag for my ciggies but they are not there. I then reminded myself that I didn't smoking anymore.

It's really strange - I'm not climbing the walls craving a ciggie but I just feel a part of me is missing (does that make sense?) I think it's the habit thing I'm going to find hard to overcome. But I just keep telling myself I don't smoke and just take one day at a time.

Hope you are all doing OK today?

Take care all

Tinkerbell xx

P.S. I will probably post later - reading posts on here and posting on here spurs me on to do it it!

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hey Tinkerbell,

Congrats on your quit today. I'm on day 3 of not smoking having started Champix about 11 days ago (something like that, cant remember at the moment!)

I have been having quite a lot of similar experiences since stopping. I've thought to myself, yes I'd like a ciggy but then part of me says.. 'no you dont really'.. its almost like i feel like I should have a ciggy even though I dont really want one.

very odd.


Well done Tinklebell, day one is scary but we are all proof it's very do-able!! I found posting especially in the early days very therapeutic so please carry on.

Mike - Day 3, how quickly that has gone. Well done.

Funny about the whole habit of smoking, I always lit a ciggie when I got in the car and I still can not get out of the habit of opening the window when getting in the car purely because I always did just before I lit up!! Strange


Cheers Christine, as you say, this forum helps a lot.. when i noticed it was down a few days ago my heart sank.. I was seriously worried I wouldnt be able to do it without my daily reading and support from others on there like yourself!

Tinkerbell: Dont worry about the habit thing, that will go.. as you will see from my signature below I've had quite a few quit attempts now (usually let down by a silly weak moment well after the chemical addiction and habit have gone).

Although this is my first (and hopefully last) time on Champix I assume the habit breaking bit will work almost the same as CT as I've done in the past. From my experience after about 10 days of not smoking it gets very much easier, you find you are thinking about it less and less all the time and once you hit the magic month it seems like something from the distant past.

Keep at it, a month or even 10 days is not a long time really.

Good Luck!



Well done. I also quit cigarettes on Champix and found they were a great help - but remember that's all they are 'a herlp'. You still have to make that conscious decision not to put a cigarette in your mouth and light it.

I found that the 'habit' thing was still there. A couple of times when I was working on the PC, I'd reach to my left hand side to pick up where the cigarettes usually were, then remember I didn't smoke. I wasn't actually crqving a cigarette, it was just part of my normal routine. That takes some time to break.

Against most advice out there, I didn't pre-set a quit date. I didn't want to feel forced in something I wasn't ready for and risk failing. So I just smoked until I knew I was forcing myself to do so. I was a case of have the cigarettes I really wanted, but don't have one unless it was really wanted.

Since biting the bullet and quitting, I've not had any problems staying off cigarettes.

Keep posting - and good luck



tinkerbell, you ask if the feeling that something is missing is strange. Well everybody will say heck yea to that one. I smoked for 33 years and quit cold turkey. Over night a part of me just went away. Yea its weird. I go into a store and the clerk has my smokes on the counter when I get there. Yea its weird. Please hang in there. I likened it to cutting my arm off.


Hi all, sorry for posting again!! It's just now is the time I'd usually go for my afternoon break and try and cram as many ciggies into 15 minutes as I could. As this is my first day of not smoking and I am feeling a bit lost (not craving a ciggie - just keep thinking about them - if this makes sense?) at the moment I thought I'd post on here instead!!

I went to the shop at lunch don't worry brought healthy stuff - soup & fruit - oh and some sushi - I loooove sushi! Anyway point is when I got in the car to drive to the shop, I could smell the smell of smoke in my car & it wasn't all that nice. So guess what i'll be doing at the weekend!! Cleaning the car.

Waffle over - I feel better now!

Thanks for reading!!

Tinkerbell xx


Sweetheart, it's day 1 BUY CHOCOLATE!!:o

You are doing well.


Hi Tinkerbell,

Everything you say is perfectly normal. You sort of miss cigarettes and think about them, but don't crave them. It's normal, they have been part of your life for a long time. The thinking about them gets further and further apart. Just get over the first week and the first time you do things that you associate with smoking eg your afternoon break, then it gets easier.

Good luck, keep posting



Hi Tinkerbell

Well done today, I,m with Christine treat yourself for the first few days. We all got the empty feeling, like you it is the habit that is the hardest thing. But just knowing it is the habit you are missing makes it easier.

Tip with the full doze....take it with food and a full glass of water to help with the sickness. The first week on the full doze was awful for me before I learned that breakfast is essential.

Enjoy and feel really proud of yourself, posting here is great especially in the first few weeks it really helps you to see your progress.

See you in day 2 tomorrow :)


Hi Tinkerbell :D

Day 1 is behind you now well done you're on your way to a smoke free life

You're right to take it a day at a time this early in your quit and the feeling that something is missing is normal after all fags were a part of your life [as they were mine] for a long time but it will pass

Buy yourself some treats with the money you're saving I did and it doesn't have to be anything big


Marg xx


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