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will the nausea ever stop?

Hi all... Today is Day 7, a week, a full week :D

2 weeks of Champix and the nausea is driving me mad! even with food, I get this overwhelming feeling of sickness and was actually sick a couple of times. I'm not sleeping much either and started having heartburn :(

sometimes I also find myself staring into space.

I'm starting to wonder whether I should only take half a tablet? I'm seeing my Fresh Start counsellor today and my GP tomorrow for my next month' prescription... I hope I can because I know how much it's helping me as I've felt no craving at all, but the nausea is really debilitating :(

any advice?


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Sorry you're still having a rough time with the pills. I had nausea after the morning tablet for the first couple of weeks - and was sick once (Yuh!). But it did seem to improve if I ate something before I took the tablet, even though breakfast is something I don't usually eat - and in fact makes me feel sick just thinking about food early in the morning. Guess that's years of being a 'coffee and cigarette' morning person.

If you've tried food and water with it, I think you should mention it to you medical adviser. Maybe cutting back is the best way to go. You've already had a great non-smoking time under your belt - so you've got a good head start on it now.

Good luck



Hi Corinne :)

Well done on day 7 that's great

Sorry you're feeling so sick with the champix though I think you should mention this to your GP he/she should be able to give you something for this the other things you mantion are normal this early in a quit




Hi corrine

I hope you can get something to stop the sickness but even now after a month I get 10 mins of yuk after taking my tablet sometimes.

The alternative is I carry on smoking and die, so its an easy choice for me

Well done on getting this far


Hi guys, thank you for your replies....

After 2 hours of constant nausea i'm now ok,, dreading the evening tablet though...

But the upside is by tomorrow i'll have started my second week smoke free and i can't believe how easy it is not to smoke, even through stressful situations i haven't wanted to smoke and that is amazing!

thank you for your support :D



I am soooo pleased! had my weekly meeting and my reading went from 18 last week to 2 today!!! she was impressed and suggested I take only the evening tablet, although I need to check with my GP tomorrow if that's ok.... right now I feel great :D


have you tried to drink loads of water with them. I have to, otherwise like you feel so sick and can sometimes actually be sick but the water and food helps me so much.



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