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Last ever thread here!!!

Well Guys and Gals,

This will be the last thread I start in the 1 Month forum. In just under 15 hours I complete a full calender month, smoke free, and patch free during night time.

I would just like to say what a huge contributing factor all of you are. Without you undoubtedly my journey will be much more difficult and turbulent, but you lot have a way of calming the waves and make plain sailing (to a degree).

Right, make some room Month 2, I'm coming through.


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Oh well done Don, you're doing amazingly well!! :D

That's a fab milestone to get to as well, brilliant - there's no stopping you!!

Thanks for all the help and support you've given me too!

Gemma :)


Thanks Gemma

And strangely I feel like nothings going to stop also.

What's that 5 more days and you are here to?

You are doing awesome to.



Well done Don, you are doing great. :)


My goodness Don!

You had me thinking you were leaving us!

You're a bad bad man for doing that! :D

Huge congratulations Don, especially as you are your family's path finder so to speak!

You are such a positive influence here and a pleasure to talk to.

Big WELL DONE to you chuck.

I don't even need to say "keep up the good work" because I just know you will!

Yours impressed :)

Molly x


Sorry for the heart attack, not my intention, honest, lol.

Thank you Molly, and likewise a pleasure.

Day 100 for you? Well done, here is to the next 100.

We are bloody doing this arn't we :D



We certainly are doing this petal, we certainly are!

So that's you on a calendar month

Tracy on 3 weeks today?

Your dad on 11 days

What a family effort! You are all stars in my book Don

Day 100 for me as at 9.30pm tonight, thanks for remembering. It's quite odd to think in terms of triple figures!

Have a wonderful day celebrating, all 3 of you, you all deserve it :D

Molly x


You are thanking me for remembering and there you are quoting what day the rest of my household is on, correctly. :D

I see not smoking hasn't affected your concentration :)

I think you are a fantastic person, who takes a genuine interest in others. You are a rock on this forum and to me.



What an exceptionally lovely thing to say!

It's not hard taking an interest in interesting people of which there are many on here.

Please pass on my congratulations to Tracy for 3 weeks, I remember that being a real turning point for me. I bet you're dead proud of her!

By the way, totally off topic but didn't you start your job this week? Is it going well?

Molly x


Exceptional words for an exceptional person.

I will pass on your congratulations also.

Wow, you even remembered me starting work.

I start this Wednesday and can not wait. I been sitting around now for 6 weeks and to be honest it's doing my head in.


If your quit is this strong now I can imagine how much stronger it'll be when you start work. It's going to be flipping cast iron!

There'll be no beating you then, it's in the bag!

Molly x


That's my thinking exactly Molly.

I have got through a month now, being thoroughly bored at times, with not much to do. So common sense surely says that being at work will add to my resolve.

Only draw back is not being able to be on the forum as much. Granted, I feel I don't need the encouragement as much now, but I would like to be here for others. Paying the forum back if you like for all it has provided for me.



You'll still manage that I'm sure, you'll just pick those most in need of your help that's all.

Also, you've been paying the forum back since you joined matey, I've seen how supportive and full of sense your posts are.

Get to work and enjoy!!!

Molly x


Don, cant tell you how chuffed I am for you. Really really chuffed! I know this is your final quit! Well done mate!


Well done Don

Great going :)

Keep it up




Thanks Haze, and I am so happy to see you still going strong and in touching distance of that Penthouse now.

Cheers Greg, believe me, this will be kept up. Loving this. New year, new job on Wednesday and what is beginning to feel like new lungs.



Well done Don, thanks for all the encouragement you've given me so far :D

Good luck with the new job Wednesday :cool:

Trudy :)


Thank You Trudy

Also for encouragement you have given me, to see you so strong and a strong member of the forum. It is great to see and read of your progress as well as all the rest on their journeys.



Month 2 brilliant news! welldone Dom that's fantastic, theres no stopping you now!



Excellent! These posts are absolutely making me smile - it feels so important to recognise progress, so that the feel good factor continues to be an inspiration.

I too am off to 'month two' (although I've only made one post so far - haha!) but psychologically important. For me the names are becoming familiar which is nice, the challenges are still there and I think month 2 is dangerous as complacency can set in now. I do feel like the demon is still on my shoulder saying 'go can have one and what difference will it make?' But he's quieter by the day and believe me I'm still determined - I'm a non-smoker now.

Everyone here is so positive that anyone needing a boost cannot help but take heart from the support, really fantastic... and keep it going y'all! The guys and gals ahead of me are an inspiration, those following in the Christmas Conquerors... well, see you soon in month 2!

On a personal note - Don, good luck with the job, yes we're a day apart and otherwise closer than you think too, as although my location is south west, my "home town" is in Rutland. Small place!


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