Hi all

I've been a 20 per day smoker for as long as I can remember. I started probably like most people with my mates at school trying to look cool. I've tried patches on and off for the past few years and they used to give me really bad headaches. The inhaler was just horrible.

I posted a few days back asking if anyone had ever tried using a DVD but nobody had so I thought I had nothing to lose and ordered it. I played it last night and I must confess I feel really positive. I haven't felt like having a cigarette all day. I've thought about it but the thought has gone almost as quickly as it came.

I don't think I've ever felt this much that I might have finally cracked it. It's early days (well one to be exact!) but I really do feel different.

Maybe I've done it at last!


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  • I send you my best wishesw and hope that you have too xx

  • Best of luck Dave

    Keep us posted Linda xxxx

  • Thats the way Dave, you sound so focused. Good Luck mate we are here if you need us, if not let us know how your doing. Good Luck xxx ;)

  • Hope so Dave.. keep strong and keep talking!:)

  • Nice on buddy!

    Just keep at it, stay positive - i have and it helped me a great deal, the first few days are really the hardest so just take it one hour at a time and then before you know it the first day will be over, you can then say to yourself that you have one day out of the way - if you start smoking now you lose that progress and have to go back to square one, the more hours/days you get through the more determined you will be to keep going

  • Well done u :D

    you are gonna go thru some huge mood swings so write down how you feel today it might just help!! :cool:

  • Stopping Smoking

    Hi all

    I thought I'd give an update. I'm really both chuffed and amazed. I have had no desire to smoke at all. It's the most bizarre thing. I think about smoking but there's no actual desire to do it and the thought goes almost as quickly as it came. I haven't had any cravings either.

    I can't explain it, when I see people smoking on the street it feels as though it's just something I don't do. It's never been like this with the other stuff i've tried.

    Obviously I appreciate it's only a couple of days but it just feels so different this time. Weird!


  • hi

    hi i feel just the same im on day 9 and its very strange my bf smokes and it really dosent bother me my family ask me how does it feel i just tell them i just cant explain i just have no cravings for a fag at all other than habit keep the good work up what day are you on?

  • Stopping

    Hi Kay

    I'm only on day 3 but I feel more positive about this than any other way I've tried.

    Did you use the same DVD?


  • Hi Kay

    I'm only on day 3 but I feel more positive about this than any other way I've tried.

    Did you use the same DVD?


    Hi no i didnt whats that then??? i went to my docs and was given the pills thats all.whats the dvd about? how are you getting on with them?

  • Dvd

    Hi Kay

    That's what I used. I've tried all the patches and pills but they give me really bad headaches. I put a post on the help to stop forum asking if anyone had tried the one I used but nobody had. I went ahead and ordered it and I must say I'm really chuffed I did. It's by a guy called David Laing. I heard him on the radio in Liverpool giving advice to smokers.


  • hey hun. I have tried stopping b4 too. this is my fourth time and I'm on day 11. I don't have very much confidence with it cos i've stopped so many times b4. the frustrating thing is I really really really don't want to smoke anymore! I am using the patches (again) but my fiance is going cold turkey like you. i don't think i could stand going cold turkey tho!!! Once when i tried to stop (and obviously, failed!) I was using the patches + the lozenges and i ended up feeling really sick!

    I don't know if you have ever used forums as support b4 but maybe when we are struggling it will help to see everyone else that is trying too!!!!

    Oh, + it helps me to look on the net all the stages of stopping smoking + what it does to you're body when you do smoke!!!

    good luck honey. We can do it!!!!!!

  • Yeah, it's pretty obvious that it's spam at this stage.

    Pity. Give people a chance and they take advantage.. :mad:

  • Est4elvis

    Congrats on your 11 days both yourself and bf. You have come to the right place lots of support here from people all doing the same thing. keep posting and stay atrong. xxx

  • Come on dave, come back and keep posting. Prove these guys wrong.

    I was positive he was a genuine poster!

  • Davina? Female version of Dave I imagine..?!

    But gosh Phil what you are suggesting would be.. what's the word... erm .. what goes with Limewire.. oh yes: illegal:D

  • I'm not spam and I resent the accusation!


    Frankly I'm really suprised at some of the posts here.

    I joined looking for support as I wanted to quit. I came across a DVD that offered a way to do so without patches and I put a post up asking if anyone had tried it and could they recommend it. I was then accused of spam as my first name is the same as the guy who made the DVD. I refuted the accusation and then went ahead and ordered it anyway.

    I then came back as promised to report back on how I got on and find that just because it appears so far to be working that I get slagged down again!

    If I had come back and said it was crap would I have had the same response?? I reported back:

    A) because I said I would


    B) Because I thought it might help others who, like me, cannot use the drug approach because I get bad side effects.

    I have already refuted the accusation once before that I am spam and don't intend to do so again. I really expected support here but some just seem to take my success so far as a negative. If this is moral boosting I'm clearly better without it. I'm going to beat the fags this time, I'm bloody determined - all the more so now with all this!

    To all who offer their support I thank you most warmly. To all the rest...



    I still haven't smoked. I still haven't wanted one and I'm still not spam!

  • Thatta boy Dave, I knew my gut feeling wasnt wrong. :)

    A lotta people here just hate spammers.

    Regardless, you keep up the good work.

  • I had a gut feeling like yours SV but I'm afraid this guy is cunning and yet.. transparent. Sorry dave, you'll recall that I was the first to support you on here but trying to sell your stuff here is not good.

    Once again, prove me wrong and I'll be the first to wish you well...


    phil, try tum dee dum, works for me :D

  • Please see post called me & him

    Hi SteveH

    Photos put up of me and him. Hope that satisfies.


  • Thing is Dave, all you seem to do is talk about this DVD. Now it might well be great but maybe some general posts without advertising would have helped. It does look massively like spam.

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