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I have not posted here before, I quit 52 days ago!


New boy here, just found this forum, my last ciggie was on 22 August.

I began smoking when I started work at the age of 16, 24 years later and 20/30 B&H a day worse off, I stopped at last!

I am using patches, Niquitin, and to be honest they work really well. I get a craving every now and then but I have learnt to think of something else and the craving passes.

I hope that I can kick the cigs for good this time, I did try quitting 2 years ago but I used to sneak the odd one every now and then, so as soon as I got big pressure at work, I was straight back up to 20 a day.

Only thing I have got to watch is weight gain. Since I stopped smoking, I seem to have less energy? I used to go to the gym every day (I used to smoke 2 cigs before I went in :)), but I now don't have the energy.

Anyone else suffered this?

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Firstly, welcome to the site SoP,

and congrats on the 52 days :)

You ask specifically about feelings of lethargy. From my experiences of hanging around here most folk undergo an energy injection rather than the opposite. Having said that, I'm sure you won't be the only one to feel like that. After all we are all different....and that's what makes life so damned interesting.

Possibly though you could be suffering from a lack of vitamins. When one is initially going through one's quit there is some depletion of vitamins in the body and it does actually help to top these up. I'm thinking specifically about vitamin C. Try that for while and see if there's a difference. Also, I don't know if you drink a lot of obviously will know that we should drink fekin' loads. Sadly, I don't quite manage that. But there we have it....we ain't perfect.

Have a look around the forum and pick up a bit of our manta of read, read, reading. Educating yourself about the processes your body is going through as it reverts to health can help you manage to be successful in becoming a fully fledged non smoker. There are some links in my sig and possible there may be some further information that you'll find of interesting.




Anyone else suffered this?

welcome mate and congrats!!

yep - nicotine your getting now is much less than you used to get from smoking.

nicotine releases epinephrine / adrenaline in its purest form.

this makes you feel like youve got "get up and go"

the brain takes a while to readjust when you take it away and you can feel lethargic.

I am having to find other ways to get my daily dose of adrenaline now.

its mainly involving taking stupid risks and doing sports that scare the living daylights out of me. but its all good.

might put me in an earlier grave than smoking would have done but ill have a smile on my face not a oxygen mask :D


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