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No Smoking Day
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Quite pleased i have made it to day 2!

I had my last cigarette yesterday at 7am, I am now quite proud that i have made it to day 2 with the help of nicotine patches. The cravings were ok yesterday but today i have had many! I am glad I am at work today as i can pass them with other things to do! :)

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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

The first few days are tough, but this is a great place to help get you through it. Keep posting, it'll keep your hands occupied!

Good luck with your quit,




thanks Helsbels, I have been reading a few threds on this forum and i must say they are really helpful for hints and tips etc..... i feel i may be here for a while!


its tough but worth it. hang in there!!! it gets much easier after the first week just keep it going/ im at 11 days today:D


Well done & welcome nicanacanoo,

I am sure you have realised already that you will find lots of help & support on this forum. Keep strong, you can do it :D



well done im a quitter! 11 days is really good :D I intend to beat this, there will be no demon tempting me to have a ciggie!! (well i hope not anyway!) :p


hi neverstoptrying, thanks for the welcome :D Yeh the forum is fantastic! Im so glad i came across it!


Top banana!

Top banana - good for you - you should be proud. I am proud of you - 2 days doesnt seem like a lot until you try it without the ciggies - it is definitely an achievement! Keep going :)


End of Day two for me first day was with the patch second day was cold turkey. There really wasn't anything cold or turkey about it haha. Just another day of not smoking. Ok I will shut up now and try not to screw things up


Hiya this is also day 2 for me , i gave up on Friday , must say though today im worse craving than yesterday :( but will carry on , im on the 24 hr patches , Im Pat i have just joined here like ten mins ago lol, from Liverpool im 49 , good luck too all ... and myself :)


Hi Pat,

Welcome to the mad...erm, the forum :)

You got advice on another thread about reading etc but I also noticed that you wanted to add info onto your sig.

Look up left and click on User CP and you'll see a list of options. One of them allows editing sig.

Well done on day 2 and look forward to day 3 :cool:



Well done day twoers - keep at it, try and distract yourself and keep busy to keep those cravings at bay. Change your routine, your chair, your drink, anything to keep the cravings at bay, it has worked so far for me. Best advice I can give is stay positive, dont mope about loss and pat yourself on the back for each hour, minute and day you are smoke free



cravings also seem worse for me

day two for me aswell......leaving for work this morn without having a cigarette was tricky....felt a little lost... just wandering round before i finally told myself i may as well just go....

however... did find i was able to hang the washing out in the same amount of time it'd take me to roll a cigarette and smoke it! Loving saving time!



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