No Smoking Day
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7 months today werhayyyy!!!

Well who'd have thought it eh 7 months, couldnt have lasted 7 hours never mind the rest!

I am well chuffed I've got this far, the furthest I've got before was 7 weeks and then a night on the tiles put paid to the that!

There have been 4 things motivating me - my kids, my health, my looks and my bank balance. A most recent example is when I had a bad cold recently followed by a nasty cough. Last year after every cold I had double antibiotics and a course of steroids and was told by the doctor I had the lungs of a 50 year old not pleasing at 34. Anyway my recent cold ended with a minor cough that cleared up after 3 days. Since I have stopped smoking I have'nt used my inhaler once thats testiment to stopping smoking if every there was one. My skin is smoother, pores minimised - u can't bottle that lol. The best thing by far apart from the extra shoes and bags is that I can practice what I preach to my children. I can say kids don't smoke cos this that and the other can happen without them being scared that it might happen to mummy or that mummy smokes so it must be ok. I am so chuffed I've stopped, just thought that smoking was just part of me forever but stopping has made me feel younger, a fresh start and I'm buzzing over that!

To all those thinking about,in the process of doing or done a quit well done and keep it up youre worth it!!:D

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Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Day 44 here and hoping I can reach the the goal you have made it too. SWEET!!!


That is awesome Angela:D Huge Congratulations to you and you are so right about the many benefits of not smoking....especially shopping;) and I dare anyone to question me about what I spend money on these days:D


Well done to you, i'm 3 calander months tonight in about 3/4 of an hour from now.. and haven't looked back since i stopped.. just forward :)

Congrats on 7 months.. don't ever let your guard down now though.



Great big Well Done Angela.



Well done Angela and thanks for a great post gives me hope



Hi Angela. Great to see you at 7 months quit. Huge congratulations to you. Only 5 months to the penthouse now!:D



Big Congrats!!!

As a newbie (albeit a rather chatty one perhaps) its exactly this type of post that makes this worth it - the positivity and energy.

Am working to get to that point - and determined to do so.


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