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Just gotta shout...7 Months Today


Good morning all, I have just reached my 7th whole month and i feel amazing. Thanks to everyone who has been my support and may i wish you all well in your own quits :)

Here's my stats for today.............

I have been quit for 7 Months, 1 hour, 38 minutes and 32 seconds (212 days).

I have saved £1,024.17 by not smoking 3,609 cigarettes.

I have saved 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life.

If i can do it so can you......roll on to the Penthouse :)

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Thanks Alex.

I just had to share today that's all. 7 months gone already, no cravings not had any of those for months, no more situations where the thought "I would have one now" coming into my head. Life is completely free of that nasty habit now. IM not too complacent and think to myself 1 wont hurt because for me i dont even want to try just the 1 and see unlike previous quits where curiosity got to me and i ended up back on them full time.

Clothes smell nicer, hair stays fresher too, i hate the smell of smokers now and i know when they have had one or even if they are just a smoker in general and for me it makes me feel sick. Like yesterday at the Dr's i was waiting to be seen and the man next to me was a smoker i think he just had one before he came in but i had to move it smelt rank and i never realised that i smelt like that so if anything stops me going back its the fact i smelt like an old ashtray day in day out and i like to be able to smell my perfume now and kiss my family without wanting 10 packs of mints to mask the yucky smell.

Im never going back ever, it has taken 3 attempts to get this far and no way am i going back to how things were, im loving my new smoke free life, its brilliant. There is hope for everyone out there.

Hi Karri

Thanks for your kind words too, i will still be here even when i have my keys to the penthouse. I may not post as much as i did in the first few weeks and months but thats because i dont feel the need to constantly be on here posting now but i do like to still add in sometimes a few words of encouragement if i can.

Like with you, your going to do it this time i know you will. This is YOUR quit and before you know it you will be marking down the months and time will go quickly. I know at the beginning it may seem like the thoughts and craves if you like will never go away but because i so desperately wanted this quit and for me this time i have felt i have managed to get through it easier. I am not saying its been easy by no means has it been but after 3 months or so the thoughts had gone and im def a non-smoker well an ex-smoker and im embarressed to say i ever did that nasty habit.

Anyhow to you and everyone looking in and just starting there is a light at the end of the tunnel you just have to replace the batteries and get that torch a shinning :)

Be strong and positive and take it slowly Rome was NOT built in a day ;)

Congrats Jo!

Agree with Karri here, you really documented your quit well and you seemed to just know from the start this was 'the one'! It's great that you don't even have that 'just 1' curiosity as I think this is what gets a lot of people back on the cigs. You've really done so well and I'm sure you've been an inspiration to many :) Enjoy your 8th month of not smoking!!!

Thanks Sofia

I have tried to keep like a diary if you like so others can see what i went through but also because i wanted to be able to have a visual reminder of what happened and so its there should i ever get that thought but i know i wont.

Your doing really well too hun, so good luck with yours. I cant believe im getting into my 8th month now, when we go away on Hols in July that will be my 9th full month and i feel that somehow time seems to be flying by and i dont really think about it only when i come on here or im near someone who still does.

Good luck to you too xx

Huge congratulations to you. You've been so steadfast and a great support to everyone. You deserve to feel really proud of yourself.

SO many cigarettes not smoked! Those statistics just make you go :eek: don't they? What *were* we thinking?

Hope you celebrate in style :D


Thanks H

I try and help where i can H and you too are doing really well with your quit Hun. I know what you mean about how many cig's not smoked and what on earth were we thinking before when we did that nasty habit. I am def glad i no longer do that disgusting pastime now.

Good luck with yours too :)

PS No celebrating in style as its only me that remembers my monthly milestones so just a cuppa decaf tea and some galaxy chocolate for me. :)

Hey that's brilliant Jo.

I do have to say that I changed my thinking on my quit while reading your posts. I read 'that book' due to your very high praise of it (after I had already quit) and the smoke screen definitely lifted. I know that big milestones are pretty good to give yourself a pat on the back, which I do every now and then, but since I read it I don't count the days or anything like that because it really does reinforce the feeling of sacrifice (to me, anyway). In fact, when someone asks me how long I have quit for I just tell them 'end of March' and they work it out for me now, lol!

I had a nice experience in the pub the other night. Someone I haven't known for long overheard someone asking me how long I had quit for and they looked at me in shock and said " :eek: Christina! I can't imagine you ever smoking!", which felt really good until my mates fell about laughing, haha.

Well anyway, I think your milestone is awesome Jo and just have a little extra pat on the back for really helping people like us :)

Hey Peaky

Thanks for your kind words too. I have decided that i would only mark the monthly milestones until the 1 year which is when i will have lost my voice because i would have literally shouted it from the roof tops and then i am going to back off a bit. I need to do this for a couple of reasons apart from for myself and knowing i can do this but also because i want others to see that it can be done and to give them hope too.

Once i have reached the Penthouse, found my comfy chair i will be as quiet as a mouse and only pop along to help others and not really to make a thing of my own quit but i am one of these that truely like to help others and if my words have inspired anyone then i am truely grateful to that person for reading those and knowing its not easy but it can be done. I dont like to dress things up, i like within reason tell it like it is and i hope that it does help :)

We need to be here for each other and i know its Sunny out and not so many people posting but newbies dont ever forget you are not alone, you never will be and we have all been where you are now.


Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well Done Jo !!!!!

Not long now till we get to the 1 year point :)

Cheers Sian,

Just thinking your not doing too badly yourself and you will reach the Penthouse before me so save me a comfy chair and have me a nice cuppa for when i arrive, im not into booze so just cup of decaf tea will do me nicely :)

LOL xx


what a brilliant achievement!!

Morning Claire

Thanks for your kind words too. Your at 9 months now so well done you. I am just amazed in all reality that i managed to stop and stay stopped.

Here's to the next milestone for all of us ;)


Well done Joe you have done really well and you are and have been an inspiration to loads of quitters on here, sorry about the comfy chair but I am afraid I snapped up the best one when I arrived so I suggest we order you a new one for when you get here which want be long now x


Huge congrats Jo - you deserve it!!

A great well done Jo, so pleased for you that's a great achievement. You are such an inspiration to us all, I love reading some of your posts, I hope to get where you are one day.

Enjoy your smoke free life.:)

Maria. x

BLOODY MARVELOUS! Well done to you

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has commented.

I am really pleased with myself but also with you lot too.

Together we CAN do this. :)


Well done buddy,

dont know if its too early to be reminiscent but I remember you back then It felt like we were in it together and hay turns out we were, YEAH baby we done it {MASSIVE HUG} x Marcus

Whoop Whoop

Well done on your 7 month milestone. Its only reading your message that made me look at my quit date and see that I have hit my 7 month quit today! :D

I sure do love my life so much better now not being ruled by where I am and what time I can get out to have my fix, I just carry with my life not giving that dreaded weed a second thought.

Oh yeah having saved well over £1000 also makes life that little bit nicer lol

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