No Smoking Day
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My reasons in no particular order

1. I have met the woman I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and I want to squeeze every single last nano-second out of our life together.

2. Every time I get a cold it turns into a month long chest infection. It's only a matter of time before that develops into something sinister.

3. I'm 34 years old. I'm young. Yet I wake up and wheeze and I can't run up a flight of stairs. Some damage is already done but I have the power to stop doing it. Any damage from now on in is probably irreversible.

4. I've had my rebellious years. I've done it and I'm bored with it, drinking and smoking and the rest - I no longer need a cigarette in my hand to define my personality. I am a cooler, better me without it. I can be creative without it.

5. I want to have kids, and have a good fighting chance to see them grow up and to see my grandchildren.

6. Every month I make a tobacco company executive a couple of hundred pounds richer, while I get worse off in health and wealth.

7. It's just a stupid, no, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do to myself.

8. If I can do this, then I can do anything!

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Nice one Chris!

Your reason 2 there is particularly important at the moment.

With Swine flu kicking about, the more we do now to get ourselves cleaned up, the easier time we'll have if we catch that. As we are about to hit our proper flu season soon(ish), then being free of smoking will help us tons more than we can possibly see right now.

Basically you are in a position to change your destiny, and are doing so right now.. those are damn good reasons painted out in your list there, your health will improve alot though, and you'll be better prepared for many more good things to come yet.


nice list chris.

im hoping that quitting smoking will help me find my "1." like you.

good luck with it mate, the support here is great.


Hi Chris :D

That's powerful list of reasons you have there

Remember them and stick with it if you hit a bad day or two


Marg xxxxxxxx


As others have said, that is quite an Inspirational list you have there, some of those points i hadn't even thought about myself, but they will certainly go on my list and reinforce to myself why i have quit.

Good Luck x


tobacco company

This tobacco company, the government, the pharmaceutical industry is luring us to become more sick. I will not be addicted to cigars if its is not available.

I hope we could bring this tobacco company to ashes!


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