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3 calendar months today!!!


If I'm honest I feel like I've been quit for at least a year but hey 3 months isn't bad is it!!


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CONGRATULATIONS DAZ.............Your a superstar....:D

Well done :D

Congratulations, 3 months is fantastic. Halfway to the penthouse now :)

well done Daz, hope you're feeling justifiably proud and slightly smug!:D

I've always been a smug git so yeah even more so today :D


Big well done Daz :)

I join you tomorrow @ the 3 calendar month stage.

Nice one, Its good to know there are others out there who quit the same time as me (Well nearly anyway).

Here's to tomorrow and your 3 month anniversary Michael

Well done!

Out of Interest, for those on the brink or past 3 months, how are your cravings? Do you still get the missing feeling?

I am on 3 weeks and although not wanting to smoke, i still habe that missing feeling, something empty.

I wonder how long these feelings would go on for.

Still get missing feelings/cravings etc but fewer and further between,they are a lot easier to dismiss also.I was out at the weekend Sat and Sun and smoking didn't bother me even when i seen people outside smoking.

Hi Knightman, Im just past three months and still get the missing feeling, though not as intense or as frequent as the start. Last week i very nearly caved in, but if im honest it wasnt because i wanted a cig bad. It was an emotional thing , It was like i want to smoke out of defience or in spite of, if you know what i mean. Theres more of the addiction in the head than in the body. Im fine now with the help of my cyber friends. Dare say life is gona throw more crap at before im done, but i know i will cope all the better next time. Stick with it, it is possibe, and sooooo worth it. Good Luck mate xxx :)

Hi knight.. nearly 6 months now and still get the odd crave.. sorry.. probably not what you wanted to hear. It is dealable though.. :)

If I'm honest I feel like I've been quit for at least a year but hey 3 months isn't bad is it!!




Thanks for your replies.

It sounds like its a case of them just being more bearable. As long as they dont get worse!

I have managed nights out without smoking and hung out with mates who smoke, i must admit the smell is great :-)

Sure it will be worth it in the end!!

Well done daz you sound so happy and self confident it's just plain awesome :)

Congrats !

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