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No Smoking Day
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month 4 i guess

i think i am entering the 4th month.. to be honest i dont seem to count anymore which is good as i feel like im not counting every min.... im feeling good even manage to go out for drinks with friends and can manage to say no i dont smoke which give me a secret buzz lol....

im not saying its easy and that im breazing through the quit but i am saying that i was very doubtful that i would be able to do it and i have... and the benefits talk for themselves

i went on a 2 week holiday to thailand without even so much as a puff even though it was only about pound for a box ( ok so i did check the price lol)

felt good lazeing around the pool without feeling so bored that i had to smoke every 10 mins and i even managed to spend my money on bringing presents back ( even managing to go over the baggage allowance :/ )

to celebrate being smoke free ive decided to take part in race for life to raise money for cancer.. ive always wanted to do it but even a mild jog would make me out of breath and hurt my chest.. lets hoping that after 4 months smoke free ill be able to make it over the finish line without having breathing difficulties at only 26 years old...

hope everyone is doing great and well done guys

massive hugs


Julie xxxxxxx

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Hi Julie,

I reckon you must be in Month 4 by now, well done, fantastic stuff. Quite a few of the MMQ doing pretty well and passing through the 3 month/100 day milestones.

Your holiday sounded pretty good. I don't get away till August, and I'm looking forward to a lovely, smoke-free, week in France.



Hi Julie, congratulations on 4 months quit, that is fantastic! Th race for life is a great idea, i have just taken part in the 5k ladies one on sunday and i even managed to jog half of it, (never done any jogging since school) at 36 years old and a smoker since 14 i have felt so proud of myself for taking part and raising money for cancer research, i did it in memory of my dad whom i lost 2 years ago and although it was emotional it was also a goal of mine that i have now completed, so go for it, you will cross the finish line and feel so proud of yourself!!!

keep strong,



i hope you have a great holiday Deke.. i found it easier on holiday as i was keeping myself busy...

well done Tracy.. im gonna start training tonight.. im feeling pretty good at the thought of doing it and its so worth while..



Hi Julie :D

Well done on entering your 4th smoke free month thats great bug hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxx


Good work there,

That's a good quit you've got going on :)



Hi Jewels

Massive well done to U, Yes another MMQ doing so well, U are defro in month 4 now...... Still struggle I admit some days, but not as hard to block out of mind now..... Keep up the good work, and enjoy training for the race. Its well worth it... Kaz :p


Good on you! And brilliant that you are entering the race for life. And very well done Tracey for completing yours! One of the brilliant benefits of quitting smoking i have found is being able to channel my time and money and energy into positive things instead of a love affair with nicotine.


Massive well done jewls on reaching 4 months and all so for entering the race for life.

I signed up for the Run 10K for Cancer Research at Houpton House, Edinburgh in September and I must say I am really starting to enjoy jogging:D

Never could have done it as a smoker, no way ever.

Have fun on your run.



Well done this is a real inspiration to all us newbies, and such a good idea to run the race for life :) if only race for life would allow us fellas to run too !!


thanks guys managed to run about half hour with only one stop yesterday which feels amazing...

well done to all of you 2

mwah xxxxx


jewls, sorry I missed this. you have done so well. race for life was a great achievement. well done MMQ!!


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