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hot hot hot then cold cold cold


day 13 today, went to bed last night feeling like sh*t, really cold and shivering, woke up this morning feeling hot and sh*t, i have all the ache's in the world, my tummy hurts my teeth hurt, my head hurts (r u getting the picture?) and to top it off i have to go to the local gala today with my mum and dad and my three kids and the other half, and of course tomorrow is dad's day so i have to run around after him all day (is a good dad and deserves it), but all i feel like doing is going to bed to stay there until i die. the evil twin in me keeps telling me that i can't do the quitting thing, that people like me are made to smoke and that i should just give in now and buy some cigs and i will feel better and feel more like my happy self.

So there is my rant, i am going to have a shower and take some pain killers.

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Hi Bev

First well done getting to day 13 that's great

Sorry you're feeling rough just now with a busy weekend ahead of you

As you're feeling so bad why not take yourself back to bed, let your Mum Dad and the OH take the kids to the gala while you sleep and hopefully wake up feeling better, it could be that you need some extra sleep just now

I suspect the way you feel is all part of the quit someone else on here felt the same the other day but if it continues and you still feel really bad on Monday see your Dr to set your mind at rest about it

Hope you feel better soon


Marg xxxxxxxx


Bev I agree with Marg

Your body is telling you it's run down and aching. It's asking for some rest. I'd give it some, I'm sure your family wouldn't mind if they knew it was helping you stay away from smoking.

Take care and keep posting ... I'm on day 14, day 13 for me wasn't easy, 14's better :)


Hi Jen :D

Glad to hear you're feeling better today after yesterday well done on 2 weeks done and dusted Big Hug


Marg xxxxxxxx


a big well done on getting this far!

dont forget we are overcoming a serious legal drug problem.

the strongest addicting drug problem in the world!:D

have this in the back of your mind, when your suffering from the side effects OK!







thanks guys, managed to get through the day, but still feel bad, sad and dangerous to know:rolleyes: promised myself i could eat what i wanted today, so long as i could just get through the day. My mum is a smoker and asked if she could have a cig in the kitchen and i said yes, and i sat there and watched and smelt her smoke it, it didn't feel as bad as i thought it would.

So tomorrow is another day, in fact not just another day it will be TWO WEEKS.

Hope all you Dad's out there have a fantastic time and get spoilt rotten.



Awwww i feel for you - I am at the same stage! I am having more hot flushes than my mother did in the menopause! horrid horrid horrid. I seem to be living either in a cardigan or the shower!

Hoping it ends - I certainly have found trying to sleep more has helped - if only because I don't have to deal with it when I am asleep!

well done you - keep going!


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