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Cold Turkey NO GO !!!!

Well after feeling so positive this morning, thought i would try go without my patches "BIG MISTAKE "for me personally ... had 5 hours without, and my mind fights were unreal nearly ran up the shop for some cigs i had one foot out the door and my mum arrived which was a blessing as i had to come back into the house . even though my mum is still a smoker she is so proud of me giving up and i did not have the heart to tell her where i was off too so ran upstairs stuck a new patch on and i`m feeling at ease now ,and so pleased i did not get to the shop. think the patch route is the way for me at the moment .just got the wobbles to day. roll on tomorr !!!love to all

ali xxx

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Hi alison, i dont think it matters how you quit, just that you have quit!

A great big well done for not giving in buying cigs and smoking, you should be really proud of yourself and keep telling yourself how well your doing.

I too am using nrt and dont feel confident enough to go ct (not everybody does) but imnow on day 14 my confidence is increadsing with each day and im using less nrt each day but the most important thing is not to smoke and you did it!!!!!!

so well done!


Hi Ali,

The really good thing is that you didn't go out and buy those damned cigarettes. It is less important as to exactly why you didn't. If the patches help you through then that's the way to go. Stay strong and you will make it through to Day 4. We all get moments of weakness, at least I know I do, it's how we get through them that matters. And I think you did just fine. Have a good evening and see you tomorrow.



I did NRT for three weeks, started cutting a slice off them and weaning myself off as per Bible Blacks posts. It worked really well. Don't beat yourself up about having them. Do whats right for you and a big well done for not taking the fag route!


Thanks tracy21 , well done you getting to day 14, like you say even though we are on nrt its a million times better than smoking, think i am trying to run before i can walk.

Im gonna stick to this now and take it day by day. sometimes these patches really stick hard to my skin and it hurts so bad on one arm it actually brought out a bruise and cant see my nurse (no smoking one ) till 2nd april.

so i will plod along untill then see what she says, i always remove them before sleep so should be ok.

Would love to be on day 14 :)

Thanks for your reply love ali xx


Thanks to deke and fiona & bibleblack for your words of support great comfort to me see you on day 4 :D

lots love ali x


Keep going alison and i too take them off before sleep usually around 8pm/9pm, i use them on a differant area of skin each day and try not to put them in the same place within 3 days, it seems to help and put them on my legs too, pretty sight when you take them off and you got lots of blck sticky squares all over, but much more attractive than a cig in my mouth!!

I did beat myself up a lot over the first week worrying that everyone else seemed to cope fiine going cold turkey,(perhaps im a chicken) ha ha! (bad joke i know) - but im more confident now and will tackle each day as it comes and eventually will feel confident enough to go it alone!

you are doing fantastic and if we keep telling you this every day you will eventually believe it too!



Hi ya , yes know what you mean not a pretty sight with all black marks left behind, i find baby oil helpful in removing sticky stuff sounds good eh !! will try leg area tomorr.

Roll on day 4 for me and day 15 for you :D

feel like ive been climbing mountains all day today , mentally worn out ,

think an early night with a good book is needed. lots love ali x


Hi Alison :D

Glad you feel at ease having put on a patch and what a blessing your Mum is even if she doesn't know it yet well done but really good that you fought those demons for 5 hours with out a patch so you know now that you can fight them and win, it really doesn't matter how you quit whatever is right for you




Hi marg , yes feeling good about fighting the battle with demon nic even if it was with a patch .

Mum has tried to quit before so i think if she see`s me doing well she will pack up to. so i`m hoping she will follow me at some point fingers crossed.

i know this is an arkward question but i just wondered do you still get crave`s after being packed up so long now ?

some non smokers ive spoken too say they still want a cig after years of not smoking, just frightens me the thought of wanting to light up after doing so well, wont it be like a battle for life etc hope you know what im trying to say

lots love ali xx


Hi Alison:D

Glad you feel good about winning your battle and I really hope your Mum will follow your lead

You asked me do I still get craves? The answer is No I get the odd fleeting thought when I do something I haven't done since I quit like Saturday when I went to do some weeding but that's all it was because I would have had one as I worked before.I hope this eases your mind




Hi Sal,

Thats fine , glad all went well at check up for you.

Yes perfect place to be around babies ,glad you have had a good day.

will go out of my way to find book on next trip into town,have been reading all the links on here also .

I know "120 cigs "sounds awful ... but worth the 3 days of misery . do not want to start at day one again thats for sure.

I`m so pleased your doing well big well done to you also.

For some reason my afternoons and tea times are the worst,always thought the mornings were going to be the problem. weird how things work out.

lots love ali xx


Hi Marg.

Yes that eases my mind, i asked my dad the same question and he said he gets no crave`s whatsoever he packed up with zyban on his last quit 5 years ago.

I see you used champix , just makes me wonder if these pill`s be it champix or zyban remove the desire to smoke for good ?.

AS for years dad tried to quit using patches with eventually always returning back to smoking.

I dont know why but im too frightened to take champix or zyban .

I know its early day`s but im getting overwhelming urges to smoke really overwhelming (is this a crave?) Can`t you tell i`m a blonde !!!

Lots of love ali xx


Good one sal,

I had to jump back then.......:D


Hi Alison :D

I really don't think Champix or Zyban remove the desire forever as they like patches, gum etc are just an aid to help you quit it still takes willpower to get there whatever you use and I just like your Dad tried loads of times before this and always failed

Yes that overwhelming urge is a crave but as I said this is those Nico :eek:Demons trying to get you to feed tham and thus back in their power




That actually frightened me but also made me laugh,



Big thanks marg,

You sound like a lovely lady ,so helpful and understanding.

Thankyou for answering all my question`s like someone said before on a post you are the MUM .....

When the really bad urges come i will just try to knock it out of my head and think of other thing`s and hopefully demon nic will get fed up and go to sleep!

Keeping strong

lots love ali xx


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