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Day five, cold turkey


Hi, im new to this forum thing, was feeling the strain yesterday evening, trying to fight all the excuses I was giving myself to have a cigarette, like 1 won't hurt ect.... I knew I was wrong and it was my cravings so I joined here 😆I still can't do my profile picture or add the icons, but hey I'm on day five 👍😆

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GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations, and welcome to the forum. The worst cravings will be over now, and you are well ion your way to a smoke-free life.

Thankyou, 👍😆

A big welcome to the forum from me too Butterfly- what a lovely name! :D

Now you've made the best decision you'll ever make- to quit- you'll soon be emerging from your chrysallis and taking wing. We'll all be here to cheer as yiou spread your wings and don't worry about falling because we'll catch you I promise. :)

I'll tell you one thing- you'll never regret your decision. When things get tough just shout. We're all here to support each other no matter what stage of quit we've reached.

All the best to you for today Butterfly and well done on your mighty achievement so far.

Thankyou so much, it means a lot 😆 such great people on here, great support feeling happy,and proud x

Hi Butterfly, and welcome to the forum :)

Well done on reaching day 5, it does get better I promise. Get involved as they are a lovely bunch on here :)

Thankyou, its amazing how support can help so much 😆 x

I agree Butterfly, this place has been brilliant for me in quitting x

Thankyou to all support its great, Kat73 thankyou for the advice my distraction is now this forum, 😆 works a treat.x

Got a mouth ulcer appear today, dont know if this is coincidence or because I have not been smoking? :-(

Hi Tea,

Thanks I thought it might of been, I have felt great today, more energy too, so the positive is out weighing the negative all the way, also as an extra positive that little treat I shall be getting the weekend, not quite decided yet but will no doubt be some luxury chocolates :) thanks again claire x

Thankyou Kat73 appreciated :-) x

Hi butterfly and a mahoosive welcome from me! I think this is a coincidence, anything that may happen would always be much better than the possibilities of what could happen if you started smoking again.

Enjoy posting your thoughts here, it has definitely helped me with my quit. You should be proud of what you have achieved so far, and just to think you are just about to have your room upgrded

Very true starting _ life, thanks for the welcome, being able to post my thoughts, and have lots of positive friendly people I know I can do this, thanks again :-) x

Your very welcome, and I am just saying things as they are. There is such a lovely bunch on here, has helped me so much just being able to see that I am not alone and can just have a rant if I want. Enjoy your sleep knowing that you are one step closer to eternal better health :) x

Hello, with a very warm welcome from me, doing great, just keep posting and reading, keep going,

Fantastic so far

Morning Butterfly :D

How are things today?

Hi There Butterfly,

I cannot say enough good things about the forum pages. I am also quitting CT which is different from previous quits where NRT, medications, etc. were my aids.

Anytime I need to vent, these guys are here and, without judgment, offer adviceto help me through.

Anytime I need encouragement, these guys are here to cheer me along.

Anytime I need a distraction, again, these guys are amazing. They post some of the funniest stuff which draws you in long enough to forget what you needed a distraction from.

Do not feel like you have to post all the time (I find I am posting less this time, but Iadmit to being a little troll, taking in as much of what is going on as I can). This is really helping me to remain focused.

That being said, I will take this opportunity to thank everyone for being such a great crew. You are all wonderful people and I value each and every one of you for your part in the journey I chose to undertake. Thank you.:)

Great post Keith :)


You're lovely....:):)

Hi all,how is everyone? thankyou keith they are all good on here, good evening skiddaw im good thankyou, had some life stress today and I will admit the first thing I though was I need a cigarette, instead I ate 2 oranges and a bannanna it worked, day six today, one whole week tomorrow, I have noticed the money saved too I get change now from £10 when I go to the shop lol :-) x

It's oh so quiet, shhhhhshhhh :-)

Wel done. Think i may have a couple of oranges too. Its amazing how much better you can eat and how much you save!

Much frutier, was literally just thinking that now. 3 oranges in the end, and 30 push ups

I found I became a bit of a fruit addict. Still am actually. Yesterday I ate a banana, two apples, a plum, a satsuma and two figs. :o

Morning Butterfly :D

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on parking your first week! That's one mighty achievement. You'll soon be through the worst of it now and I shall send all sorts of positive wishes your way for a splendid and much easier Week Two. I hope you're going to suitably reward yourself? :)

Hang in there. CT is the way to go for some people and not others. I found NRT not to work as your prolonging the agony and drip feeding you body nicotine. My Brain was having none of that, and the patches made things worse.

Stay focused and if you get the urge jump on here and re-read your responses. :)

Hi all and a big thankyou!WOW! One week today I am impressed I have been eating more fruit, and yes it tastes fruiterer than before, thrown in a bit if exercise all in all so far so good, thanks for all your support appreciated :-) x keep smiling x

Hello all, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, im still going day 11 today, having a difficult day today, im feeling a bit low and challenged, so I logged in here and seen all your wonderful comments and congratulations, I was quite overwhelmed thankyou so much, you are diamonds 😊💟

Great news that you are still going strong, if you ever need some support just post and wait for a few replies.... always does the trick :)

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