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Hot diggerdy dawg.Ahhh do beleive Ahh done it!

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1 year today for me and it feels darn good. i never doubted myself for a minute, well not after the first few days anyway. one day at a time was my mantra sometimes one minute. Thank you everyone who cheered me on you really did make a difference, you said it could be done and the idea soaked its way in. everyday and each milestone passed made it into a no going back journey. and i appreciate every minute and word you guys took to post your stuff and reply to my needs.

I havnt been posting a lot recently, iv just started full time at college doing my GCSEs (at my age) i need them to do a degree in nursing, i think its about time i got properly qulified and paid a half decent salary. im loving my life today. quitting smoking has opened me up to getting more of the good stuff that life has to offer.. bring it on..i hope there is a bouncy castle in the penthouse.

Mash xxx:cool:

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Fantastic Mash. So pleased for you. How wonderful you are going back to studying! I hope you enjoy the penthouse you thoroughly deserve to be in there! Great stuff!:D

Awesome! Well done Mash!


Mash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can't tell you how happy I am for you. Chuffed to bloody bits. I've been waiting for this post. Never doubted I'd see it!

Of COURSE there's a bouncy castle. And a rooftop pool. Gym. Widescreen cinema. You name it, it's here. And all very well deserved.


I doff my cap in utter respect to you.

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Yay! Jolly well done! Can't wait to join you in the Penthouse!

Congratulations mash...I will be joining you in just a few short months. Warm everything up for me please!!!

Good JOB!!! So proud of you!!!ppat

Congrats Mash!!! Big well done! Bouncy castle is my second favorite place in the Penthouse!!!

Well done fellow octopirate!!! :D

Congratulations, looking forward to joining you in 8 months :D

well done mash i always knew you would get here


Thanks everybody for your congrats im loving the bouncy castle and the grin from eare to ear.:D

Mash x

Oh so pleased to see this post - well done Mash. Huge great big enormous well done. Be very proud. See you soon ....



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Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations and hats off to you :D

Great stuff Mash, on the one year quit and the return to education. :cool:

Well done, so pleased for you Mash

Well done

I Carnt wait to be a year as a non smoker.

I'm studying too just passed my business and IT now on to the hard stuff of accounting and sage. I want a good wage too.. :D..


Well done Mash. I bet when you look back the year when fast.

How is the dieting going ? Are you still stuffing your face ? I am :o





So pleased to see you get here all these last yearsoctober people reaching the penthouse is certainly going to inspire the ones just starting

the only way is up



YES - another October 2011 quitter here!

Fantastic Mash! A BIG well done to you!

Sorry for being late Mash ...


All smokers deserve to find their quit but some more than find their quit, they nail it.

You nailed it Mash :cool: Has been a true pleasure following your journey and seeing you get this 1st year done.

I've no doubt there'll be loads more too :)

Pol xx

Thank you so much Carol, Fellie and you too Pol .im touched by your messages. heres to another smokeless year.



1 year- Awesome Achievement! Very inspirational for those of us just starting out on our quit journey.

Fi x

Good on you Mash, just another fine example to follow! :cool:

I thought I'd posted on ere oooarrrr.

Well done me big fat treasure! I'll be seeing ye soon in the penthouse shortly. Really well done've not had an easy time of this quitting m'larkey. Total respect to you bro and I'm reet proud...Erm my accents are all muddled up!.

Glad to know you, well done and congratulations

Lisa xxx

Thank you sistah mi Duck. looks like we did it and hardly a hair out of place. see u on the top floor,


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