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carry on cold turkey?


arrrghhh day 2, yesterday was day 1, the first day I didn't smoke in 14 years.

Today day 2, I'm really just waiting for the nicotine to just leave my blood stream, pondering going to the chemist to get something to help, whether its a placebo or not I don't really care

Nothing with nicotine in though, perhaps herbal cigarettes or pills to calm me down or just carry on and deal with it, worse things happen at sea so they say!

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Hi & welcome.

Personally I would say don't bother. You will just be wasting your money. You are 2/3rds of the way to getting rid of the nicotine from your system, one more day after today. Unless you have something like NRT nothing is physically going to stop what you are feeling. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice in the first few days. Deep, long breathes will help to calm you without putting anything else into your body, keep busy, suck a sweet.

I promise it does get better quickly. I am only on day 4. :D

Gaynor x

Thanks Gaynor!

I might buy some sugar free sweets or something then I NEED SOMETHING! (that isnt a cigarette) climbing the walls here but came too far to go back!

I have to say that is what I would do. You don't want to have to go through this again, I have many a time & it is rather a torturious (sp) thing to do. Go get ya sweets lol.

Gaynor x

Well done on day 2. As Gaynor says, drink plenty of fluids, I stayed off caffeine cos it makes me a bit jumpy. Try to stay as calm as possible (easily said i know!). Perhaps try some music, relaxation tracks, I downloaded all sorts and did find them relaxing which at least gives you a break from climbing the walls. It kind of re-charges the batteries. Keep looking for that something, you will find it, just remember how good you smell and all those reasons for quitting.


But dont buy the sweets at a tobacconist

But dont buy the sweets at a tobacconist

Ha Ha Ha Good advice Sandy

Thanks guys! I planned on avoiding caffeine but I drink a lot of tea and coffee and couldn't face quitting both them & smoking at the same time.

I ended up going to the health food shop to see what they had, I bought some rescue remedy sweets, essence of flowers that calms you down apparently :p

Anyway, I made it to day 3 :) So apparently the nicotine will be out of my blood stream this time tomorrow :rolleyes:

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

...So apparently the nicotine will be out of my blood stream this time tomorrow :rolleyes:

Technically. ;)

So don't go putting any back in!!

Well done, thats fab! Pat on the back for you :D

Think someone previously said there, I find taking a big deep breath in, holding it then letting it out helps, it gives you that filling your lungs feeling, even though it is just air, it seems to help me.

I didn't have to give up caffeine. Coffee and cigs where two of my biggest loves in life, I could not grieve for both of them at the same time lol.

Chin up and well done again, you are doing great!


Thanks guys! The support on this forum really helps :)

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done on getting to this point. I could never have given up tea as well as smoking. I think if I had of tried that I would have failed on both counts.

I hope your herbal remedies work for you, just stick with it now. The Nicotine will be out of your system tomorrow so no point in getting NRT now as that won't help.

You can do it, just take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time :)


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