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No Smoking Day
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Really struggling on day 20

All morning I've been having major wobbles and near consistently thinking about a smoke. The cravings have been getting progressively worse from yesterday.

I'd been doing so well and now all I think is that it would only take me a matter of minutes to walk to the shop. Sod it. What's the point if the cravings never really do go away?

I have a bit of pregnancy depression that is rearing it's head and as a result having a lot of relationship problems. Quitting smoking has not helped my emotions one bit either. I can't do something physical to keep myself occupied as I hurt my back yesterday. All I want to do, other than smoke, is cry or sleep :( but I can't even do that as I have a toddler to look after.

I know the answer is not to do it and this probably just sounds like a self-indulgent rant. Sorry.

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Wildflower you are doing brilliant so far to get to Day 20. You have to trust what everyone says on here and that it does get easier. The cravings do go away.

Im on week 6 now and I have no cravings, I get the odd pang of "oh I could have a smoke" but then you remind yourself you stopped and the feeling goes.

You've already made the decision to stop, just think how gutted you would be having to go back to day 1 or even worse going back to full time smoking!!


Hi Wildflower sorry to hear your struggling, i know at times the thought of having a cigarette seems to be the answer to putting an end to uncomfortable feelings. the truth is they dont make it all better.and youll just end up as a full time smoker again probably wishing you could stop. you would also feel like a failure and feel worse than you do now. so nothing will be gained by smoking you will just swap one set of uncomfortable feelings for another. The ones you have now will pass. just keep doing one day at a time and work through whatever comes your way on a daily basis. sometimes when its hard we just want something to take it away but some things you just have to go through to get out of it. eventually you will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about and wonder what you ever saw in smoking.



Sorry to hear things are rough at the moment, Wildflower. I wonder if you've heard of the terrible threes - it is pretty common for many quitters to find that 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months are some of the worst times. You've just about hit the 3 week mark, so the nicodemon is hoping to catch you out....

Wise words from Mash. It is purely an ILLUSION that a cigarette will make anything better. Just imagine if you had one ... what would you do, or be feeling like, 5 minutes later?

Do whatever it takes - and take things a minute at a time when the going gets really really rough.




Thank you taking the time out to reply. I actually felt like shedding a tear that people are so kind. I'm not usually emotional at all!!

Red that's part of what is stopping me from buying a packet. I know for me it would be back to full-time smoking. Well done in getting to six weeks. It's nice to hear someone say they've been through it and it isn't so bad further on down the road.

Mash I do have moments were I wonder what I saw in smoking, just the past couple of days have been rough. Hard to define where the bad feelings are coming from - is it hormones, depression or cravings? Probably all of the above.

here-we-go. I did hear of the 3 time frames a couple of years ago funny enough. And even curiouser was when I last stopped smoking and gave up on my quit at the 3 month mark. Never thought of it that way before but was on NRT then so this time is pathetically the furthest I've ever got cold turkey.

So I've made it through to now and know if I can get through the next hour until the wee one is in bed then I can't leave the house. I'm not taking it day to day atm just hour to hour and see how I go.



:)Hello Wildflower, I do know how your feeling tears will come and tears will go, temper, or mood swings, Im one big evil mood swing at the moment and im on day 35. But what you have to tell yourself is that having one fag will not make your problems or issues go away, thats how I do it, and believe me i have been the most evil bitch anyone could wish to meet.

Have you tried sipping water when you get a craving this helps me, and just keeping busy really.

But well done for going CT .

All the best


Quit Date: 10.2.12


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