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No Smoking Day
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Feeling a little low

Not sure why prob because I have been here before. Think I need a bit of get up and go so I am going to grab my dog Stan and give him a run. Mark is still doing well and it will be a calander month for him next wed. I think I will have a rough weekend with him as he is coming down with a cold and he already moaning saying he has Man Flu :mad: He will be home from work about 1 so think that will be my que to take Stan for a run lol :rolleyes:

Hope everyone is ok X

One day, 49 minutes and 18 seconds. 31 cigarettes not smoked, saving £6.67. Life saved: 2 hours, 35 minutes.

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Hi Mel :D

Sorry you feel low today

Taking the dog out is a great idea and it will blow the cobwebs away to

Sorry Mark feels poorly,hope his Man Flu isn't pneumonia by the time he gets home


Marg xxxxx


I always find me eating lots of chocolate and a nice big curry and some wine and some kettles crisps and a nice long bath with an early night and a book helps Andys man flu. Do you want me to try that cure remotely for Mark? Am most happy to oblige.;);) Seriously, keep going you will be over this low in no time xxxx


Really! Man colds and flu are very serious see this on YouTube for further info. (yes I know I've posted it before!)

If nothing else it might raise a smile :)


That was so funny !! my hubby has just come down with the man flu. how dare he on my day 1 quit as well. ive just rubbed his head to see how bunny is feeling. he cryed out for the soup earlier so thats done and dusted. he is amazing he can manage to lay in bed watching the simpsons all day.

Thankgod i have 2 dogs to keep me company .

Love ali xx:D


He has decided it must be swine flu, he came in at 1.20 was in bed by 1.30 his son came over with his girl friend and he didnt show his face so I chatted to them (plus they both smoke) I woke him at 5.30 to say his tea was ready and he has sat and moaned and groaned on the settee ever since.

HELP ME !!!!!!!!

Yes please Fiona lol :)


Could be worse ...

lol :D that made me laugh


Thing I noticed is when I ask him if he wants a drink he can barely get the word yes out and has to nod. His mate rings and he gets his voice back, put phone down and his voice is gone again :confused:


lol Stan is my dog, Eric is the cat, George is the water dragon and Henry is the tortoise.

Thanks for the explanation I understand now why he cant talk to me, I will give him lots of sympathy plus he hasnt smoked in nearly 4 weeks.


Got him from a rescue center took one look at him and said he was a stanley. He is a jackrussell cross but he had very large pointy ears bless him. Mark went mad when I named him but it has stuck lol.


Hi Mel, well done on getting through day 2 and with Mark having manflu too you deserve a medal.

keep strong,



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