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Day 9..and feeling very low


Hi All...

I feel so low today..yesterday I had a great day...and only had 2 lozengers..was really pleased...then today I feel like Im at day 1 again..oh I feel awful...cant get them off me mind..and craved quite badly this morning...

tried to keep busy, and went and did the weekly shopping...but still could no think of anything else but those bloody weed sticks...

Maybe I have do too well too quickly..?

Anyways...over and out...xx

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What you are feeling is a loss of something you have relied on for however many years, I know its ok for me to say it will pass and soon you will feel soo much better but it doesnt help you at the mo I know.

read the threads of all the ones that have passed the early days and you will see its what we have all gone through at some stage and come out the other side feeling 100% better I promise.

Go read the story thread, it want give you any constructive advice but it will make you laugh and take your mind of the **** and distract your mind from Nicodemon who is a little Basta**.

If that doesnt make you feel better go rob a bank then at least you will have no choice but to stop when they catch you or if you get away with it pm me and we will go off somewhere warm and want need smoke hee hee sorry trying to make you forget xx

Hi lindi

Day 9 well done just think tomorrow you'll be day 10 DOUBLE FIGURES :D keep going its not easy i know but stay strong.. one day at a time no two days are ever the same tomorrow will be GREAT :)

Hi Lindi, I am a day behind you. On Tuesday I had the most awful day but Wednesday and today not too bad at all. I suspect I will get other awful days.

Good luck. Hang on in tight because I think we are on a roller coaster.

Hi Lindi, sorry to repeat, but stick with it, it does improve. Remember the good day you had yesterday, there will be many more of those, and they'll be better. There may also be some not so good days but they do get less and less.

Todays not one of the good ones so go do something to a)occupy your mind, preferably away from normal temptations and b) to make you laugh or at least smile.

There are so many adjustments the body and mind is going through, help it out a little, give it something positive to feed on.

The shoppings in, the foods in the cupboard, so go on and do something nice for yourself, walk, shop (for you, not food), eat, films, music, books, sewing, gardening, rock climbing or all or the above!


Lorraine :)

Thanks all, for your support...hopefully, today is just a bad day, I really dont want to smoke any more...tomorrow is another day, as they say...

Once again, thanks very much...xx

Don't forget, we did have bad days when we smoked! It may not all be about the weed!


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