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Feel so low

this is so hard.

feel so low, my first day of my second attempt, tired, depressed, exhausted, flat, lethargic, couldn't be bothered.

how long till this passes, just have this energy that people talk about as a benefit of stopping. do you have any tips in the meantime? sometimes life can be hard. it's like, the people i work with, sort of, well they don't give you much leeway, like, they aren't very forgiving, so you just have to try to hide things like this and sort of force yourself through it, but it was really difficult today, things like that make it very unpleasant, it's like very disorientating and i felt quite alienated and left out. its hard to describe. sometimes people aren't interested in other people and only themselves. well anyway, this is very much an interesting experience in spite of feeling like this, it's like, this is how everyone else lives, i haven't felt this way since i was a boy, when i smoke it makes me tense, nervous, lethargic/melancholic, self-conscious, it's terrible, like a waste, but i suppose thats the way things are so their isn't anything to do but to keep going forward. anyway, thanks for reading this, i hope you reply, if you don't its okay, i hope you have a good day tommorrow.

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It'll come mate, in the meantime it's the lack of nicotine that's probably making you feel like this. I'm on my 3rd day and and have been letting the silliest things get to me. Count to 10, go outside and breathe some fresh air, drink a glass of water. You'll be fine. The first few days are the hardest (I know this from experience) but you'll soon start feeling much, much better within yourself.


i know THAT feeling! It's esp hard on the first day cos you want to be all fired up and "yay i'm quitting" and then when you feel depressed/isolated it's a bit of a double whammy isnt it.

I think this one is very much a case of different things work for different people so here's what i've got....

1. Positive thinking - i know that seems like the opposite of how you feel now and impossible, but even just saying "i can do this, i feel good" over and over, until eventually it becomes true - you feel a little break in the "down in the dumpsness" and hang onto it!

2. Tip from a quitter friend who just said "i know i wont always feel like this" to herself - it might take a few days (and i realise that feels ages right now), but focus on why you started this and that it in long run it's worth it. You really wont always feel like this

3. Distraction - personally i'm not good at this one:rolleyes:, but it works for a lot of people, no matter how much you don't feel like it, try to find s/thing else to do - that you enjoy.

4. Be kind to yourself, eat well, get exercise and the right vitamins then if nothing else you know you are looking after yourself

Hope one of those works for you - if nothing else i'll be thinking of you, willing you on, you have my sympathies - sometimes for me, just having someone be nice helps a bit - good luck, hope you feel better soon:)


thanks for taking the time to reply to me, it means a lot, it's been a long day and it's when strangers act kindly that touches the most. i'll try to be positive and just remember this will pass in a few days, your both right, maybe i am expecting too much too soon, so i'll try to be flexible and stay positive. feel like, well i feel lost to be honest, it'll pass though.


Hey Stephen - if it helps any i think it's fantastic and incredibly admirable that you are hanging in there despite feeling so low - you should feel very proud of yourself:)


Hey :)

The first few days can feel strange, to say the least.

The days do get easier though so whilst quietly acknowledging to yourself you can do this, just take each hour/half day/day as it comes.

Keep water handy to help not only distract with a hand to mouth movement, also drink some good fruit juice, high in Vit C. Your Vit C levels will be depleted during the initial stages of a quit .... keep them topped up :)

Read a bit ahead of your quit time and get a feel for what's ahead of you.

Read links in member signatures. Educate, read and prepare.

These are interesting times. Be ready to duck and dive .... it's your quit, own it :cool:

All the best



thanks everyone, thanks for your advice, for taking the time out to write to me and help me and point me in the right direction. it means a lot, well tommorrow i will put into practise what you have all told me and i will read more about what is in store and i can do better. i will stay positive, take each day one day at a time, make sure i have enough vitamin c, take deep breaths and go for walks.

thanks again.


Take a look on here mate

There's some MP3's to listen to on there that talk you through various exercises you can do that reduce your want to smoke.


Hi Stephen,

There's been some very good advice on here already, and I can only add to it by saying don't expect miracles. The first few days are hellish tough because of the nicotene withdrawal, and then you have to get your head around the psychological side of things. Quitting smoking is not a walk in the park, but the better read you are, the better prepared - and if you understand it, you can beat it.

The other thing I would say is, don't think about forever, it's just too hard at the beginning. Take it literally one hour at a time. Choose not to smoke *right now*, focus on that.

And write a list of why you're doing this, it will help to drive you through the tough times. There's no good reason to smoke, and every good reason to suffer for a little while and gain your freedom.

Best of luck,




As well as this forum I used to go on to this website

It's a good read.



Hey Stephen,

Day one and two were awful for me - this is the second time I have tried, now I am on my 4th day and it feels slowly like it's getting better. Lots of water like others have said is great, I also brought a ton of vitamins pills from the shops the other day and they seem to be giving me energy this time around.

Lollipops are good to - sounds silly but helped me - if Im in side the flat , wen I feel like a fag I just pop my head out the window and breath the clean air in - then I am fine.

You have done so well to get to day 2 - I failed twice, it's only now I am so chuffed that I have reached 4th day and I am starting to feel great. Yesterday I even went down a notch on the patches from 21mg to 14mg and I feel fine.

If I can do it, you can mate - just be strong - its well worth it - also pop to the shop and look at the price of fags now - that put me also off

Best of luck mate

best wishes



firstly, well done stephen, although you feel like this now i can guarentee that this is the best thing you will ever do. From my experience i will not lie to you, day 1 to 4 were tough for me but like the post above said i stocked up on many infact that i had to stop eating them as my tounge was sore with ulcers ha ha,, another tip a friend gave me was that he kept a piece of paper on his kitchen corkboard and every time he wanted a smoke he drew a l (line) on the paper, when the craving passed he put another line through it ( crossing it off ) for every cross he congratulated himself as another ciggie beaten, after a very short time he felt better as the crosses ( beaten ciggies ) mounted up, he said it gave him a kind of proof as to what he was achieving, if that makes any sense to you. anyway, enough of my waffling on, i really really hope you feel better tomorrow and that you just take each minute, hour and day as they come and you will beat this and feel amazing about yourself. take care.


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