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Feeling a little werid

Hi new to the forum and on day 42 of my quit had a bit of a strange day brain telling me I'm a miserable cow for quitting smoking and that I would be happier if I just had one reality is telling me don't you dare as you will know how you will feel like crap so have been having a battle of brain verses reality hoping the thinking about smoking goes away soon trying to stay strong and talk my way out of it x

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I,m with Debs on this one!, I find it really helps to read people's posts, lots of advice and support, just keep posting and reading.

Your doing fantastic.:)


Welcome Niki.

Sometimes the further away you get from smoking the better it seems, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You start to forget the reasons of why you quit in the first place and how awful smoking made you feel. Also you forget how truly addicted you were because you think if I've done 40days I can't be that addicted.

It is all a lie and your head playing tricks with you. Try and go back through the reasons you quit. One puff is all it takes and you're back in the prison of smoking.

Well done on the 42days and like you say yourself just stay strong. This feeling will pass.


Hiya I can categorically say I have been through what you are going through at exactly 42 days, and I have been through it on more than one occasion and I can say that it doesn't work... It's a trick... I have succumbed time and again thinking I can have the odd one, or a social cig, or even that I DESERVE one because I have "done so well".... If you can try and shrug off those thoughts, I know it can be all consuming once they get in your brain but this really is the addiction talking now making a last ditch attempt to pull you back into the fold... You know you don't need it, it's just tying to convince your grey matter that you don't ;) xxx


Hi Nikki,

How are things today? Did the 'good' voice win out in the end? I hope so. :)


Hi to you all yes the good voice won true this time and today is now day 49 of my quit but had a most peculiar day yesterday couldn't concentrate and couldn't sit still at all was hoovering indoors one minute then in the garden the next doing another job thought I was going mad was really buzzing it was very bizarre I presume it was part and parcel of withdrawal my poor kids weren't sure wot was going on bless them my son said to put a patch on but decided against it only used them for the first 2wks and have been ct since much better day today we have even had a good giggle about my buzzing behaviour yesterday x

Determination is my key to this quit :)


Sounds familiar actually :)

I went through that and I still do have 'speedy' days occasionally. Still, the plus side to it is that you get heaps done! :D

Well done Niki for holding on in there. You're really winning I can see. :)


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