Hi,feeling really low!!!!

Hi everyone,sorry I haven't been around much lately :(

I have been stopped for 4 weeks and 6 days now,I feel really proud of myself and to be honest I hardly think about smoking anymore,but I feel really down all the time, I am soooo short tempered and angry with everyone and I just want to cry all the time!!!!!

My husband has also stopped smoking and I am pretty sure we will be getting divorced soon we are being horrible to each other.

I never used to be like this and I hate myself for it,please help someone is this normal after stopping?

Thank you x x x

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  • come on chin up it will be allright:) at least you both dont smell of fags when you are shouting those things that you both dont mean,you have to be posative.its the smoking monster coming to get you :eek: leg it with a smile:eek: good luck its gonna be allright when its wrong it can only turn out right!

  • Hi Jessie :)

    Well done you on almost 5 weeks quit Big Hug

    I'm so sorry you feel so low at the moment, angry and weepy but this is normal at the moment and part of the quit for lots of us

    You have to allow your body time to heal and it takes time to do that OK

    You have been putting chemicals into your body along with the nicotine, our bodies are pretty marvellous at healing themselves but it doesn't happen in 5 minutes I'm afraid

    Please be patient a little longer, it won't be long now before you start to feel better and stop being horrible to each other I promise, before to much longer you'll be back to normal again and your old self only better because you don't smoke

    May I suggest that your husband reads this, it may help him to understand as well


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you,I must say I am now crying again(it's because you are being soo nice) I feel a little better knowing that this is normal after quitting I just hope it passes really soon.We are not talking at the minute I daren't say anything to him because we just bite each others heads off!!!! best to keep quiet for now.

    x x x

  • Hi Jessie :)

    Glad you're feeling a little better now, but please show this to hubby so that he also knows that it's normal as well

    I do understand how you feel but it really will get better and easier for you very soon OK

    You'll get through this together


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi there. I kind of get what you are saying. On a previous quit with my husband we would almost goad each other into cracking so that one would go and get smokes and the other would have an excuse to smoke! Try and take a deep breath and start communicating. Its a wonderful thing you are both doing and one you potentially could draw strength from each other from. We quit at seperate times this time I have to say, and strangely I was less grumpy!

  • jessie

    I have also felt this too, im a different person without the fags, short tempered, snappy and all this can be brought on by the slightest thing. I really struggled at week 3 and constantly cried and felt awful.

    the thing is i know that i cant smoke now no matter how much i want to cos ive come this far and no way am i going through all that again. i have to say that today has been brilliant, I really feel more like my old self but less smelly! its worth it and you will feel better x

  • Jessie,

    you hang in there.... it truly passes..... I was the same way and still am at times.... a fag often took me away from situations and now I feel I am right in the middle of things at times..... you get stronger and calmer..... this quitting thing takes time BUT if you hang in there you will reap the rewards. I also believe that two people quitting the same time often goad each other to have a reason to smoke again..... you keep going and in just a little while things will be just fine. Don't ever look back!

  • Good morning!!

    Thanks for this thread as i am only on day 4 and my partner and i have quit at the same time also.. its good to know what to expect, so i will show my Man this thread as well. We need to be aware of what may happen and then we can be prepared for it.

    Well done for the 5 week mark, that is fantastic, have a nice dinner with some candles, talk it through with him about how you feel and try and discover another less harmfull way to communicate with each other ;)

    Wish you all the best!!


  • Thank you all so much for your kind replies ;) I feel a little better today, I have been at work all day and I have come home to a lovely sunday dinner!!! he is trying bless him.... I think an early night may be called for LOL.

    Anyway I hope we are over the worst of it and the next few days will get easier I will keep you all posted.

    Thank you all again I don't know what I would do without you lot :D x x x

  • Hi Jessie :D

    I'm so pleased to hear that you feel a bit better today and what a lovely Hubbt you have to have ameal ready when you come in from work


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Jessie you both sound similar to ourselves !

    I stopped the day after you and Mandy 2 days after that, its not been easy but i cant report any majors ... well no more than normal really :eek:

    Be strong mate ... im in the same position/weeks right now as you and i know it means alot to you as does it me.. dont you dare give in ;)

    Good luck and health to both ;)

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