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Day 1 with no gum so far so good


I was going to wait until Saturday to go gum free. The tiredness was getting me down and |I just wanted to see if CT would speed the whole quitting proccess up for me.

Yesterday about 3pm I just thought I would see how long I could go with out the gum, and so far I hve managed to stay gum free.

Does it sound strange to say that I had a bad nights sleep and it made me excited cos I really felt that at last the nicotine is leaving my body.

Today I feel very light headed and a bit woolie minded. When a crave comes it is no worse than it was when I was using gum and I've found, so far, that by deep breathing it doesn't last very long at all.

I don't want to get cocky about this too soon but I feel that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. fingers crossed

How's the rest of you?

Stay Strong


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well done hopeful, you seem to have cracked this nrt thing, i might just follow your example and get rid of nrt, (but not just yet), i have read everything on here, i feel like a stop smoking library(Ha ha) but still think there is more to learn yet, anyway a big well done and keep smiling:)


Hi hopeful, well done!

When I quit I bought some gum but decided to see how long I could go without using it.... I'm into my 4th week and the gum is untouched. So I guess I did it c.t.

I've quit many times before and to be honest I don't remember feeling any different whether or not I was c.t, gum or patches.

I think you've broken the back of it, there'll still be bad crave moments to come, but your in sight of the smokefree finishing line!


Over the last 6 years I have quit many times, lasting from 30 minutes to 4 1/2 months.

I have used gum, patches, some kind of 'light therapy' thing and ct.

I can honestly say I have not noticed any difference in any quit. They have all, to my mind been very similar in difficulty.

And difficult they a degree. I think the nicotine is a major problem for the first 4 (for me)days. Then again at 3 weeks. Apart from that it's habit. If your a smoker your a smoker....whether or not you are smoking.

I quit many times before I saw this. My problem is that I know I can QUIT! I do it all the time. It's staying quit for me. And my major problem there is pain or mobility stuff. If I'm having a terrible day I think what the Hell does it matter if I smoke or not and tend to do it.... I think out of anger and frustration. I have got to remember that smoking does not help my situation.

So is it physical - nicotine or physiological? I think it's both. In the 1st few days it's mainly physical and that leads to wanting not needing a smoke...but it's a catch 22 isn't it. If we had never had nicotine then we would not need/want it.

Billy I agree. I would never belittle the physical problems of quitting nicotine. They are very real and very difficult to fight, but they do weaken and fade.

I think you have to make more than a choice about whether or not you are a smoker or a non have to KNOW your reasons inside out. In my belief it is not an act to carry out lightly. It is not the same as choosing what shopping to buy. It is a battle and you have to do your groundwork, know your terrain and know your strengths and weakness's. Because it knows you - inside out, cos it is you! This is why I think people should not give themselves a hard time when they fail a quit. See that fail as a reccy, as a fact finding mission. Knowledge is power!

Okay I'm gonna quit waffling rubbish now...:p

YOU DID IT! Well done to you. I think you will realise that all the nicotine does is continue to prod and poke at you which makes it more difficult to work on the mental issues. I am most impressed you did it early!!

Well done to you Hopeful!! I hope you find it easier now! I'm really sure you will after the first couple of days.... hang in there, you know you can beat it ;) Not long now til you feel tons better hun :)

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