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Ok so heres day 2 so far so good!


and its only 9.18am i know, but i have been up since 7.

i would have usually had about 4 cigs by now, not bothering me as of yet.

last night i wanted one but didnt give in, i feel fine which is great. so instead of picking up a cig i was watching the fit guys playing footy on tele last night ;)

going to go gym tonight i think try and sweat the need of a fag out lol.

hope you are all doing well. :)

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Hi Hannah and well done on reaching day 2. Take one day at a time, they will be good moments and bad ones, but you can do this.

Stay strong.

Good to see another on day 2! A big fat well done! Keep on posting and stay strong!

Hey hannah, sounds like we are getting similar craving patterns!

Glad to see you're still here :)

Am off to the gym around midday (nothing new i always go before lunch) but am interested to see if not smoking for 24 hours has made a difference!;)

hopefully it will or i may go for a long walk, that wil prob make me feel better.

the weirdest thing happend to me last night, i have the 24hour patches so i woke up at bout 11.00 with one of my friends trying to make me have a cig, it was so surreal, i got that annoyed and took the patch off and just put a new one on this morning. i mean i know they say you have dreams when your on patches but i hated it,

oh and last night i watched this really sad thing on tele, and i couldnt stop crying (it was sad tho) so just flicked it back on the footy lol :o

we can but try.


Ahh the nightmares i had with patches - thats why i didnt go that route this time! bloody awful,

I have a pack of niquitin minis in my pocket - got through yesterday with them!

Today however, i am trying to go CT!

I may as well get the cravings etc over and done with at the start of this!

bring on the rest of the day - looking forward to the gym actually!:eek:

Gym = good

Enjoy your day two gym session, if it goes anything like mine did it will be a fun exhausting one :)

Extra oxygen combined with all that restlessness and submerged tension leads it's self to a really intense workout. lol, i slept better the 2nd night than I do now after more than a week due to being completely tuckered in after that mega gym session.

Hi Hannah,

Hope you have had a good day 2 & you manage to sleep better tonight.

The dreams will past honest. Your body is adjusting to not getting any nicotine & getting rid of all the poison that is there. see your dreams as your body healing itself. Not nice but a necesary (sp) process. You will soon start to feel better. My dream this week consisted of giving birth (I am 50 this year) & my cat dropping a mouse on my face when I was asleep. Nice!

gaynor xx

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