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Day 3... So far, so good.


Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on in day 3. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. The evenings are turning out to be the hardest just sitting around doing nothing. Tonight and tomorrow me and my boyfriend are going out to occupy ourselves (tonight football, tomorrow cinema) at least this way we are doing things where we cant smoke.

Anyway in a month me and the bf are going back to our old stomping ground for a university reuinion, I was really worried as everyone we are going with smokes and so did we up untill 3 days ago. I was getting all panicky thinking I wont be able to smoke when I go out, untill this morning. The reason being is I spoke to one of our friends that we are meeting and turns out he has stopped smoking as well and so have a couple of other people. It has been such a great relief in my mind that we wont be the only ones not smoking on a night out.

Anyway no huge cravings today which I'm plesed about, although I am stupidly tired recently, no bad thing though as I do like my sleep!

Hope everyone else is well and staying strong!

Lou x

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Congratulations to you both, keep up the good work.

Glad you're feeling good today, a lot of people struggle with day three. That's great news to hear that some of your Uni mates have quit as well, you can all act smug in front of the still-smoking crowd :p

Doing a lot better than the first two days, I assume :) Keep it up! Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Hi Louise,

Good to here your determination. Keep it going.

Only advice I can offer, when you do go to the reunion, stick with the non smokers. Especially if your having a drink, it will be sooo easy to lapse. The cravings will hit, how hard you wont know until it smacks you in the face but stick it out, you WILL get through it and you WILL feel better for it.

The very best of luck with your quit!


NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Louise

Great to hear the fabled day 3 isn't being that bad :D

Well done Louise

Day 4 now, onward and upward :)

Keep going hun



Well done lou and BF

Day 4 mow so be a week Dont woory about next month till you get there anyways by then you will feel so much stronger than you do now honest. xxxxx

hi louise well done to you and your bf,stick witrh your plan,be strong and stick with you non smoking friends at your reuinion,,just keep the faith tony

good on you louise

ur doing well, but a word of caution....never let ur gaurd down, one minute ur fine next you find yourself gasping. good luck for the future and keep posting xx

Well done.

I know what you mean about the evenings. i am on day 3 too and it's then that I miss going outside in the freezing cold bizarrely.! :confused:

I am on patches tried cold turkey in August and gave in after a week!

It's for keeps this time can't justify the spending on cigs!

Keep up the good work anyway! :D

shivster,, why would you went to go out side in the freezing cold and put one of them white sticks in your mouth,,you have done 3 days you are winning the battle,,be strong and kepp the faithh tony

Hi Louise and BF

Well done and welcome to the forum I know what you mean about evenings

still find them a bit of a problem sometimes I tend to read a lot

best wishes onward and upward


Welcome and well done on your quit I do not miss having to go outside but sometimes need to occupy my hands

best wishes

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