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My Reasons

This might ramble a bit lol

I have wanted to stop smoking for quite a few years, tried nearly two years ago on patches then my Dad had a stroke (never smoked in his life) and it was back and forth to the hosp for nearly three months and then he passed away and I had been back to smoking. Didnt feel strong enough to try at that point and it was just before the smoking ban. The thing was though I couldnt do anything without a cig in my hand, eg answer the phone drive the car have a coffee, dry my hair. It had got ten times worse and thought when I move will try again but I didnt and I wasnt even noticing how many I smoked my friend would say sometimes you have just put one out and I really hadnt noticed. Looking after my mum and brother was taking up a lot of time and my thoughts missed my job. Then after Mark had said a few times you dont want another you have just had one I started noticing every cig I had and I realised I couldnt even wash the pots without having one before and after. One was to motivate the other to reward and I thought is this how I am leading my life? It was everything was motive and reward with cigs. I decided on the 3rd March that was it and I stopped smoking for 15 days and did well felt a lot calmer infact my daughter in law came as I was getting back from shopping and commented how calm I was (normally getting ratty by then) but for some reason on the 15th day I fell apart ran out the house and bought cigs. I tried again nearly a week later and the same happened not as long that time and I was back to smoking. Since then I have felt more trapped by this drug and i dont want it as part of my life anymore I hate it being the thing that I turn to when I feel down, happy etc.

Started Champix 5 days ago and this week have been going over all my weakness in my previous quits and feel I know where I have gone wrong so feel better prepared. Champix is already working as cigs are starting to taste horride.

This time I am going to be free!

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This time I am going to be free!

Yes you are.

Read everything you can find. Educate yourself about what to expect and if there is ANYTHING you are unsure of, ask. Someone will know, or can find out.

That is the most important thing you can do to make it easier.... and remember StuartH's golden rules...

1) A cigarette cannot help anything. The situation remains the same but you just poisoned yourself and wasted those few minutes smoking.

2) A crave WILL pass whether or not you smoke - knowing that, whats the point in smoking?

All the best :D


Hi Mel :D

You have some really good reasons there make a note of them for if/when a crave hits then read them and it will help you fight it OK

I am really pleased the Champix is working already and I am sure this time you will overcome your addiction

Remember to read anything you can find and as you know there is loads out there and on here as well


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Mel,

I hope things work out better for you this time judging by your post I would have to say it will, good luck:) You will be free.



I have great faith in you and your mental ability Mel. You can do it, you have worked really hard to get yourself into the right place and I can't want to see you hit the ground running. Fi xxxx


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