Hot Chocolate time!

Time for that mid morning hot chocolate instead of a fag break!! so here I am again, not missing my patch but have got a mega headache which is making me feel abit sad :(

hot choc is good and much better than being outside in the cold and treading in fag ends (we dont have a smoking shelter, just a doorway which is disgusting!)

theres a chappie that sits behind me and every time he comes in from having a ciggie that awful smell drifts over, yak!! Im glad thats not me anymore. Got some no smoking day promotions to go to today and tomorrow ( I work doing drug, alcohol and tobacco education and talk about the risks of smoking!!) so will look forward to that as a non smoker.

anyway back to it now and catch you all later

keep up the good work everyone x

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  • Hi Moog :D :D

    Think I shall have to get some hot choclate I am here with a nice refreshing mug of fruit tea Lemon and Ginger this time mmmmmmmm

    Glad you are not missing the patch, that's brilliant but sorry you have a bad head but is to do with your quit and the fact that more oxygen is getting to your brain than it is used to so don't be sad:( be happy:) and take some pain relief if it gets to bad



  • Hot Chocolate is def the way to go lol, although I just had a Peppermint tea, which really refreshed me lol.

    U r doing so well without ur patch Moog, the headache is just normal so don't worry too much about that - just focus on the fact that u r no longer a smoker and good luck for the rest of the week :)

  • is the headache nicotine withdrawal? I think I may have been masking any cravings/ symptoms with my patches and gum combo.

    Only had one piece of chewing gum today so not too bad


  • yes i wud say that the headaches are due to nicotine withdrawal, but its just because the brain is getting used to more oxygen which it hasnt been used to. It's a sign that ur body is healing and u r doing so well - keep it up my dear :)


  • oh thats ok I feel like my brain is going to pop!!:eek: and Im trying to research for a briefing note and I cant concentrate.

    but I am glad its just due to me becoming more healthy, Im trying damn hard as I gave up alcohol for lent and in anticpation of giving up smoking to prevent any drunken slip ups. cant wait for easter sunday and large glass of rose wine without a fag!!

  • Hi Moog :D

    You are almost definitely right that the patches were masking symptoms/cravings and only one bit of gum without the patch is great well done

    You are patchless today so why not give it a go with just the gum you can always go back to the patches if you need to and as you have gone most of morning on only one gum maybe better off without patch


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • you are doing fine moog:D must try some of that hot chocolate,the smell of smoke is yuk,think of your self as a non smoker,it will make you feel reel good,,and when people offer you a fag ,you just say sorry i dont smoke:D,in the mean time moog,you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D

  • thanks guys, Im really trying to keep the faith at the moment but am really rreally struggling. Ive been on the websites and been reading the stuff everyones recommended but am at present having a big fight with the nic demon. im going to win but its got me in a headlock at the mo and im trying to escape from it.

  • Hi Moog

    Well done hun your doing fab. soon all nicotine will be out of the body. Things will start to improve after that and headache should lift. Keep up the good work babes. Just Like to say bet your Job is really interesting would love to work with this my son is alcoholic so i know a little bit about that kind of thing. xxxxx

  • linda, thanks 4 yr words. Ths afternoon has been a constant battle. Its horrible! I know i will get through it but having people that really understand is great! I will pm u and give u more info re my job, its a fab job. Thanks hun x

  • Hi,

    I know where you are coming from. The first few days had me in tears sometimes. headaches, smoking dreams, watery mouth and hating my husband who is still smoking. It really does get better though. The worst you can do is give into the crawling nicodemon in your stomach and your mind and feel negative. Try and stay positive. Keep reading. Smoking will not enhance your life. xx

  • Hi Moog

    So sorry you're having a grotty afternoon with those sneaky little sods and a bad head is awful for you but you are almost 1/2 way through the 1st week and I promise you it will soon start to get better just hang in there



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