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This time, THIS TIME!!!

Back on day 2 again. I successfully quit for a year and a half and then stupidly fell back into the trap again, thanks to a "friend" repeatedly offering me cigarettes even though she knew I had quit.

This is it this time, it has to be! I hate smoking, hate it!!!! :mad:

One of the worst things about smoking, is meeting a smoker who is convinced that they "enjoy" smoking... I don't think any smoker in the world has ever "enjoyed" their very first puff of a dirty cigarette?...

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Hi crazym02, welcome to the forum.

It's awesome that you're quitting again. You'll know just what to expect from it which is cool. You sound so determined which is half the battle or more than!

I look forward to seeing if it makes it easier for you coming on the forum

Molly x


Hey there crazy, fingers crossed this is your quit, stay strong x


Hi Molly, thanks, yes I think the forum will help... It's great to talk to other people about quitting..

I've read Allen Carr and properly digested the whole book, which I think helps too..


Hiya, I read Allen Carr as well but probably a month or so into my quit. It still helped but I'd pretty much learned as much as I needed by then by reading a lot of early posts by the long term quitters on here. There's so much information on here, it's a goldmine!

I hope you keep on posting :)

Molly x


Hi Crazym

I hope this is your time :)

You've done it before and know what it's about...this will be a walk in the park for you :)

Personally though, if I'd quit and a friend kept badgering me to have one .... they wouldn't be my friend anymore! Well, maybe a bit harsh, they would be my friend but would have to get used to me grabbing the packet and ripping it to shreds!! :D

Wish you all the strength in your quit

Take care



Thanks everyone, day three today, and I've got through the hell of day 2, which is perhaps the worst of all. Apparently 98% of the nicotine leaves your body within 48 hours, so that explains why it feels a lot easier today!

As a smoker, you are constantly worried about all of these diseases and conditions that could come along any day and kill you, and you are constantly and consistently turning yourself into a weaker, unhealthier person. It truly is the most awful addiction in the world because it is a slow and painful, self-inflicted death.


karri I have noticed without trying to be controversial of course that you have posted over 4000 times on this forum but yet you are 'a non smoker in training'.....does this mean you are still smoking?? if you are I would ask you very kindly to keep out of our quits...we are early doors and do not need someone like you patronizing us.... I am saying this very nicely of course...:)


I wont be asking you anything apart from do you smoke or dont you?....if its the former please do not contact or respond to me in any way, I have had a couple of your "Friends" private messaging me already I can do without the hassle thanks...


Phew!! that makes 2 of us.....:)


Thanks KK I was quite polite too, but never received a straight answer..ah well anyway I agree with what you say so as far as I am concerned the matter is now closed..:)


Day 2....too!

Oh yeah!

Cold turkey too.

I have tried to quit 12 times in the past 20 years....

Each time successful for a brief period of time with nicotine replacement or chantix. Today the only thing I am hanging onto is my amazing GOD! That of course does not mean that I am not going through it...withdrawal sucks but it is infinitely easier holding on to what works,....a power greater than myself!:p:mad:


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