No Smoking Day

Week 3 - Chocolate finger anyone?

Here I am! *passes round the Cadbury's choccie fingers*

Actually it's not been a bad ride into week 3. I really don't think about smoking as much now even though my husband is still smoking so I am constantly emptying ash-trays! Aaargh - ash-trays are disgusting! I look at the dog-ends and think how awful these things are to have so much control over people.

Give me a choccie finger any day!!

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Yayy hi Jerry

"Grabs the box of cadburys fingers"....yummy :) Thank you Jerry

Well done hun, you have done so well. You must be so proud.

Any sign of the hubby giving up? I guess im lucky in no one else smoked in my house just me and i never smoked in the house.




Jerry-Lee - you've reminded me of something I heard years ago - an 'aid' to quitting ... if you put all your husbands butts (not the ash, just the butts) into a milk bottle or pint glass full of water, for a few days, then next time he wants a fag, get him to smell the bottle/glass. Take it from me it's absolutely disgusting. What is more illuminating though is all the tar and crap which leaches out of the floating butts and sinks to the bottom of the glass. When you see that 'that much' tar was filtered out of just a few days worth of fags, makes you think how much got past the filter and into your lungs .. then multiply that up by weeks, months, years ...


I might give it try though!!

Thanks - it's quite cosy here in week 3 isn't it - there's a fair few of us here!

Another choccie finger anybody?? *passes box round*


good point made jim..will try that on my wife...jerry lee well done on week 3..not to meny chocolate fingers,,aa waist line,,waist line ha ha ha lol,,keep the faith tony,,


Well done Jerry Lee on reaching week 3,this is my first day in week 3 and I am doing ok,some days great, some days are harder,I won't give in and feel very proud to have gone so long without cigarettes.


Well done to you anniem - we are on the same day! Yes there are tough times aren't there? But nothing we can't handle!

Keep it up - we'll have done a month before we know it.


Nice to have you 2 in week 3, I told you it was nice in here :D and there definately is an odd smell in week 2 I think :p


I think the odd smell in week 2 was me - if you listen to bibleblack! He is convinced I smell a bit 'horsey'.!!

It's preferable to stale tobacco anyday!


Oi john.t5!!!! I heard that!


See that's why you're popping in here for a bit of a freshness Annie, it's the non-monkey bar stewards that smell of course :p:p


Well done xx

Great to see you here Jerry Lee. I've opted for milk lollies so I'll pass on the choccie fingers tonight. They're only 30 calories and they last a good 5 minutes!! They go very well with a glass of vino. Well, not really but never mind. Really rough few evenings but glad you are here!! Hooray!!


Congrats on reaching week 3, jerry-lee! Just a few more days and it'll be 1 whole month!

Can you leave some fingers on the table for me? I'll be there soon...


I'm not fussy bout treats/snacks, just anything from the fresh cream counter at Tesco, not too sensible with the old diabetes but it's still nowhere near as bad as smoking :)

It really won't be long till you're here Chuddy ;)


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