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Into week 10

Hi everyone

Good Morning

I have just started week 10 {whoopee} and i feel great :D :D

Stopped taking champix, was going to alternate days from last monday

so took one wed and then forgot them until sunday, so figured OK without so why bother with them but will keep what i have for a while just in case ;)

I proved a point to myself on Sat, had a smoking friend over for the day and as bitterly cold here let her smoke in flat,well pleased as didn't even have a twinge of nostalgia for a fag it simply didn't affect me at all. I haven't avoided smoke situations since my quit but never before let anyone smoke in my home.

But oh the smell afterwards {Truly Awful} out came the air freshener which helped a bit,just think once my home always smelt foul

Love margaretxx

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Well done, Mum - truly very proud of you!

Off the Champix and doing it on your own :D

Feels great, doesn't it?


well done you,,you are doing so goodddddd,,go and buy your self something nice,,something you wented for a long time,,f--k the expence,,you go and do it,just dont think about it,,,,you know it makes sence:D:D,,keep the faith tony


Hi Stuart and Tony;)

Yes Stuart it feels wonderful to be going it alone but would not have got this

far without you and the forum to help and support me I feel i have made so many friends :D

Tony I fully intend to treat myself in fact already started went to town and bought lampshade which i needed and a lippy which i didn't going, out wednesday with a mate so who knows what will happen then might buy something outrageous ready for the penthouse ;) ;)

love margaretxxxx


dare you :D



What sort of thing you thinking of cause I just might dare how 'bout you I always did like a dare



Well done Margaret,

Great achievement:D


Hi Guys :D :D

thanks for your replies and encouragement

love to all



Well done Marg

you sound on top of the world good for you so really pleased for you. Enjoy your day out. xxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done Margareth, what a fab achievement and to have a smoker with you for the day to :) Sounds like you really have control of this quit.

10 weeks..70 days sounds great doesnt it

You are an inspiration hun :)




Margaret, you are doing brilliantly and are encouraging me so much


Linda,Denise and Kipper:D

thankyou for your responses

Linda I feel on top of the world and had a lovely day out sorry for your troubles hope they are sorting themselves out:)

Denise allowing my freind to smoke in the flat seemed like a good idea at the time but oh dear the place stank afterwards it was truely horrible;)

Kipper thanks for your kind words see private message:o

love to you all



Hi Tony:D

Hit the shops yesterday on day out with a mate but didn't find anything for the penthouse still plenty of time yet so will keep looking keeping the faith



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