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No Smoking Day
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Week 10

10 weeks today - yiippppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!

The cravings still linger tho! I've had two intereviews this week and two job offers today, and one interview next week!! Like bloody buses!!!

You may think its the stress that triggered the craving, but no, i've mastered that link (get stressed automatically want a cig), and no longer feel it.

It was the need to make a decision that has triggered it. I'm extremely indecisive, and having all these opportunities presented to me is driving me crazy as i'll have to think about what is the best decision.

So my mind wants me to sit down, have a smoke, and ponder the job situation.

How F**KING crazy!!! As if smoking a cancer stick will help me make the right decision!!! SORT IT OUT BRAIN - CIGS ARE EVIL!!!

Anyway, apart from that life is good and smoke free.

In my interview this morning, the interviewer asked:

Do you smoke?

To which i replied (with great smugness) - No, i don't, i've stopped for 10 weeks today!!

:D :D :D

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Aw x x x x x

Nice one choco lil Miss popular :D

Great on working out those triggers too!!

Seems you have this mastered.

To ponder the situation I would suggest some nice chill out tunes, a tall glass of red wine a wad of paper and a pen :)

Write down all the possible paths and outcomes and pros n cons etc.

There is no real bad decision you just need the confidence to decide that the decision you make is right!!

Oooh and don't forget the chocolate :D

Your a star, your life is panning out pretty damn well in my eyes! ;)

~Buffy x x



Don't need to ponder anymore - I've accepted an offer and now officially have a new job!!!!:D

You're right, life has changed alot, and its all down to ME!!!! I'm so proud of myself.:D

Now, all i have to ponder is how long i can wait before opening my bottle of wine!!!!:D


Ahh well done!!

Great! oooh excited for you!! new job :D

Ahhh the old age question, when is acceptable to start on the wine? :rolleyes:

I figure earlier rather than later it being the weekend and all :D



Oh Choco congrats dear, it must have felt sooo good to say during the interview that you don't smoke, I'm sure it's something seen as an extremely positive trait of personality, I'm so proud of you!!! Congrats on your new job too! A smoke-free life is really a new life ;)



Congrats to you all around Choco!! A new job for you hun ~ congrats that's sooooo exciting! Telling the interviewer that you don't smoke must have felt very very good. You probably would have been so embarrassed if you were still smoking and had to say yes to that once dreadful question. I can tell you are so very happy with yourself in your writing and so you should be!! Congrats on getting to 10 weeks too ~ you go girl! :D


Thanks everyone.

Just wanted to big up myself - go Choco - woop woop - 73 days today!!!

Had a shitty weekend (why do those who are supposed to love you want to hurt you?!?!?!) and had to remind myself today that things are good.

PS: To all the newbies - it is such a good feeling to be smug and self righteous about not smoking.

My sis stills smokes - i was with her and her two smokings friends at the weekend - i said i've stopped for 10 weeks, her friends congratulate me, she starts making comments about how she's enjoys smoking blah, blah - bullshit - shes' sooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous *snigger snigger - i'm so smug*



LOL ohh your posts made me laugh. I think you are doing Fab so well done to you.:)


hehe Choco you're a star and you do deserve that happiness hehe

And oh yes, your sister was SO very jealous! Better yet, I think scared more than jealous...when I was a smoker I couldn't stand the ex-smokers because they threatened the perfect bubble I had built around myself :rolleyes: Dude, was I weak :o


Way to go choco you're a trooper x x :D

My big sis always nagged me when I smoked and she didn't!!

Can't imagine ever saying things like that to her :eek:

Sounds a tad immature and plain wrong!!

Jealousy no doubt! :rolleyes:

You smile on chin up and as smug as you like ;)

I'm very proud of you x x

~Buffy x x


Aw thanks guys - my head is just expanding with smugness :p


First Post in Here!!!!


Counting not being my strong point, hope that I'm in the right room now!

It's 9 weeks today!!:D

Fed up with three nights of frozen WeightWatchers ready meals so off to celebrate with meal in Italian restaurant with partner who is majorly peed off due to some football game that Russia won and England lost!!

Hope that Poskit will join us very soon!!!!

Hello to Chocobunny!!!

hugs to all my fellow three monthers!!!



YEHHHH I'm here sweetanimo!!

JUST FORGOT WHAT WEEK I WAS ON.:confused: did 2 months on the 13th october same as nosmoke!! so now we're into month 3!!:D ( must be all that wine i drank at the weekend???pickled my brain!!lol)

well done though for getting this far!! we should all give ourselves a pat on the back!!! hehehehe just tried but i can't reach:rolleyes:




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