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10 weeks today


2090 cigs not smoked, a lot of money saved. Still get the odd thought about smoking so am still aware how easy it could be to give in, but on the whole I'm very happy not smoking. I think I've been through a lot of situations which have tested my resolve but have got through them all still smoke free so hopefully I'm on my way to real freedom.

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FANTASTIC Spanish, 10 weeks is amazing! Your will power is an inspiration to us :) It is so important not to avoid and to de-sensitise ourselves to threatening situations.

I think you have it in the bag - the reason I say this is because you recognise what could be a threatening situation and are prepared for it.

When I go out I don't avoid sitting outside having a coffee with smokers on other tables. I am aware this is a potentially dangerous situation to be in for me - I take a book/study how non-smokerss do it/watch other smokers and practice associating negative thoughts, deep breathing etc... So far this strategy is working for me.

You are no longer addicted - it's all psychological - this thinking helps me too :)


That's fantastic! I bet you can hardly believe you've got this far. Motoring on!

Great going, Spanish. I'm right behind you.

Congrats, Spanisheyes xx

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Brilliant spanisheyes! How's the chest infection? Bet it's clearing up loads quicker than it would have done six months ago, eh?


Congratulations you have done amazing how proud you must be , can't wait till I get to your stage xxx

Really great to see how many not smoked. You're doing really well and have beaten some really tough triggers. 10 weeks is amazing we have to stick with it now. The benefits are too great x

Holy Batman - 2090 cigs not smoked that's incredible Spanish, your lungs must be thanking you right now :)

This is indeed wonderful, doing so well, not all easy quitting is it.

Your a gift to the forum, so happy for you all those stats adding up nicely

Congratulations you own this quit well done

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