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No Smoking Day
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Week 2 - Day 10


I just wanted to post here since i've been reading alot on this forum the last 10 days and it helped me a lot. So thank you very much. Also i'm not from the UK so excuse my English ;)

I've been smoking for 8 years and i tried quting a couple of times, but never with a lot of confidence. But i noticed the last year that i was really really sick of it.

1.I really hated it every sunday morning when i smelled my breath it smelled like an ashtray after a night out.

2. I am a student with not a lot of money and buying a pack every day is really pricy. And a pack of sigarettes was more important then food, so somethimes i ate almost nothing because i had to buy cigarretes

etc etc.

3. I work in a hospital, it feels wrong to smoke there.

4. I used to do a lot of sports, but i just dont have the stamina anymore for it.

5. I always smell bad because of it and when i;m not carrying cigarettes i get really really nervous and want to leave immediately.

I am still not 100% convinced i can quit for ever, but this time i really want to quit and i'm noticing alot of progress. I used to smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day and the first couple of days i was really nervous and badly wanted to smoke, but now i'm a lot less nervous. I even whent to a party with my friends, all smokers, and drank beer without a smoke:). I did leave early though because i felt i couldnt take it much longer. Also i noticed i'm a lot less tired when sporting.

I'm not sure this is a post which is worth reading for anybody, but thanks anyway!

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I am still not 100% convinced i can quit for ever...

Well I guess that's true of most of us - but don't even think about 'for ever'. Just concentrate on not smoking for today - that's something that doesn't seem too big isn't it? So long as you just promise yourself you won't smoke today, for ever will take care of itself. It's a promise which gets easier and easier to make, but really it's the only promise you can make - and it's the same for all of us - we are all just one cigarette away from a relapse.

Just noticed it's your first post - welcome to the forum!


Brien.. Welcome to the forum....You seems to be a very clever young person due to your willingness to quit..It is a decision you need to take because you want to and nobody can force you to quit... If you are not 100% into it you might end up saying like Mark Twain "quitting is easy, I have done it hundreds of times".

For me the key in quitting is to stay quit !!

This forum helped me a lot and please post frequently..It helps

Stay strong and congrats so far on your 10 days.... Next big milestone is 21 days.. Go for it !


Huge welcome to the forum Brien and well done on Day 10! Great advice above and I will just add to read up on posts here for each stage of your quit so you will know what to expect. Look forward to your reading your progress updates. Keep strong!


Welcome Brien. Everyone is different, but it definitely gets better after the first 2-3 weeks.


Hey Brien, The thing about quitting smoking is 'you have quit smoking'. its in the present tense, so don't worry about next week. you don't live your life by what you might be doing or feeling next week, you live for what you feel and are doing today. evey day you will have a different attitude about stopping smoking, some days I feel like oh sod this lifes to short. I say it and feel it but just don't act upon it. next day its like wow I like not smoking, and same repeats. don't be hard on yourself x


Excellent post Nikki and you summed up perfectly what a rollercoaster of ride quitting is and how our feelings change day by day


Hi Brien,

Your post is definitely worth reading so don't think like that! This is a place where you can put down anything you like and somebody will have experienced it...and be ready to help you out.

I can tell you that you will definitely feel the difference in your sporting activities if you persist with the quit. I do quite a lot of running and I have REALLY noticed the difference in my stamina. No more wheezing either!

Try keeping a record of the money you're saving by not smoking - you'll be amazed by how much you're saving.

Well done for making it t day 10 and keep posting!


Hey Nozmo, how are you getting on, hope your doing good?


Hiya rowens, yes I'm fine thanks. Just been out for a lovely curry! Got a slight craving after the meal but it didn't last long. Hope you're doing well?


I am good Nozmo, got over the weekend, think it may have been cabin fever as was fine when got into work on Monday morning. Glad you are doing good!


Hi fellow quitters,

I am at day 12 ( whoot-whoot) wanted to say thank you for all the positive information and support. I was feeling the weight of addiction pulling at me, reading the forum gave me that edge I needed for today👍 thanks ( I can do this )


Well done Ladear on Day 12, glad the forum is helping, stay strong!


Hi ladear, welcome and congratulations on your 12 days.

Keep reading, I think the more you read the more prepared to deal with whatever the quit throws at you.

Knowledge is power!!!!

Stay strong and well done.


Hello Ladear, well done on reaching day 12. I'm glad the forum has helped you today and I hope it continues to help over the next few weeks.

Keep it up and keep posting.

Of course you can do this!!!


Welcome Ladear...Good going and 12 days is great.. tomorrow is 2 weeks ...Good for you.. !!


Good job, i feel you when you mention the physical stamina,it feels great to enjoy moving witthout feeling like an old man,


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