No Smoking Day
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My reasons

Ok, deep breath here goes, I'm 46 and happy apart from my smoking (actually I probably drink too much as well).

3 kids




Being a hostage

More wrinkles

Dad died of oesophageal cancer

All my smoking Uncles and Aunts have died of lung, mouth or bladder cancer

It's b***** freezing outside!

Fitness (working skiing trip in 4 weeks is giving me a lot of incentive)

Letting those evil tobacco companies make a profit out of ruining people's lives.

Started smoking when I was about 12. Proper smoker by 15. Been to Alan Carr twice. Acupuncture, hypnosis (3 times), Zyban and support group (worked for 9 months until my Dad died - used that as an excuse to start again, stupid). Champix, stopped taking them as they stopped me enjoying a fag, stupid again. Every nicotine replacement product on the market.

My almost 80 year old mother is still on about 60 a day but I don't think she started until she was in her mid twenties and presumably took a break for her 6 pregnancies.

I stopped on 5th January 2009, slipped up and had a couple of roll ups and a couple of fags at a party on Saturday, nothing before or since.

There is nothing positive I can say about smoking and I am not an unintelligent woman so I really hate how this habit/addiction has made me continue to smoke. I also hate that I get really down if I think I can never have another cigarette. Why?? I should be rejoicing that I don't have to smoke again.

Am working my way through the enormous supply of NRT products I have accumulated over the years which are really helping but am probably overdoing them. Patches ran out yesterday so lozenges today, still have gum, a couple of empty inhalators, some microtabs and a vile nose spray which I only tried once.

Have never joined a forum before, seems to be working for you lot and I think I need to interact with people in the same boat as me.

Well done to you all, I'm really glad I found you

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Hi there:)


You will get lots of support on here,hang in there it will get better:D


Thanks Hope48


Hi there b&h,

Excellent news that you have decided to quit. You sound like you HATE being controlled by the evil white sticks!

That was one of my biggest reasons for quitting - I got to the point that I was SICK of smoking, sick of spending money on it, sick of worrying about the health issues and YET I STILL SMOKED! Because I was under the control of the weed.

Now I have taken control. I absolutely refuse to let the evil nicotine demons even raise their ugly, smelly heads. I just quash them as soon as I feel them coming up trying to find an excuse why I should go back to smoking again.

I refuse to let them - I am in control and I don't want to smoke!

You have loads of good reasons not to allow the ciggies to be in control - I'm sure you will be able to do this.

Keep posting on here, READ lots about your addiction and understand it - you have to understand your enemy!


Hi B&H

Warm welcome to you :) Lots and lots of very good reasons why you shouldnt smoke. We are all in the same boat hun and all determined to make it.

Post often as it helps get you through the cravings when they come.

Good luck hun




Hi there B&H

You are absolutely right, coming here does help, and really hope it helps you quit once and for all. We are all here for the same reason!

Please keep coming back especially at your lowest times when the crave hits.

Good Luck :D


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