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Feeling Better on Day 13

feeling better today, could have really had a cigarette last night and again am so glad Im not drinking alcohol at the moment as I know my willpower would have faded last night.

feeling better today though and I know I have the right mindset cos otherwise I would have faltered by now. Im going to do this and choose not to smoke for another day. I also know it will not make me happy, make me feel better and most of all IT IS NOT A TREAT!!!!(I need to get this into my head!)

I thank everyone on this forum for help and support its defo you lot that carry me through and my boyfriend who is an angel for being sooo understanding about my mooginess!

Positive wishes to everyone today, enjoy the sunshine xxxx:)

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Hi Sam :D

Glad you're feeling better today almost 2 weeks completed well done hope you're proud of yourself

Tell your boyfriend well done from me for supporting you especially through the craves and moods which we all get

Make sure you enjoy the sunshine as well

Love & a big hug



Loving your positive thinking! You have come really far! Its lovely to watch you racing to the week two mark! xx


hey moog, so glad you are feeling more positive - can you believe it is day 14 tomorrow, i am gobsmacked it has gone so quickly - keep smiling hon

deb x


Well done Sam soooooooooo pleased your feeling a little better today.xxxx

Hi Debs well done to you also your both on two weeks 2morrow your doing great. xxxxxx


thanks everyone, seem to be finding it quite challenging at the mo, i feel ok for abit and then really miss smoking. its making me in a terrible mood and very low tollerance of anything or anyone. i know its about getting my head right but its just hard at the moment, nothing seems to make me feel better and I feel bad for being in a bad mood. i know it will pass but I wish it would hurry up and go

take care everyone xxxxxx


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