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day 13 unlucky for some!


the end of day 14 looms upon me, such a amazing milestone in my eyes.

unfortunatly i have only just started day 13 just another 48 hours to go. iv stil got that bug which hasnt shifted and my motivational level is stil low but its worth it. i am determined to not cave in and the truth i think the worst of the withdrawal period is over (touch wood) just got to stay positive and watch out because those withdrwal pangs are tricky gets in my previous atempts they caught me off guard when i least expected it, but im on to there game now, and they wont persuade me ever again :D

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You are doing so well hun, and the fact that you know from past experiences what to look out for will keep you going :)

Hang in there hun, before you know it the weeks will be flying by :)



Stick with you certainly sound positive enough good luck:D

That is absolutely fab news! If you can stay quitted whilst you have got a bug and are feeling demotivated, just think how much easier it will seem once you are better! Keep with it, you are doing GREAT.

You're doing brilliantly - you are right that you are coming to the end of the physical withdrawals... and the fact you are remaining strong even while unwell is great too.

well done!

Seems like your motivational level is higher than you think, sourlink! You're doing really well so far, considering you've got a bug and dealing with the symptoms of non-smoking as well. Keep it up!

Remember, one day at a time...

Hi There

Well done you am sure 13 will not be your unlucky number as you say 14 days is a big milestone but looked at another way everyone completed is a milestone for all us NON SMOKERS :D

Keep going you will beat your bug and the nicotine monster

Love margaretxxx

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