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Day 3 and still free!!


Its day 3 for me today and am feeling good and positive! Have barely thought about cigarettes today (so far) but am having trouble sleeping, it takes me ages to fall asleep then I wake up a few times in the night!!

Tonight is my regular night out, a few of us gather at a friends house and chat, drink and smoke!! I was debating whether to go or not but have decided I will as I enjoy it and I don't want to be beaten. I won't be drinking as I am driving so just need to stay strong and resist temptation! It will be a real test for me........

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Trouble sleeping is a very common side effect of stopping smoking. It will go away in time - I'm afraid you just have to roll with it!

Well done on getting to day 3, you are doing superbly. The early days are the toughest, so getting through them is an enormous achievement!

It will continue to get easier as time goes by. Congratulations on your progress :D

Thank you Stuart :)

I went out earlier and as soon as I got to my friends front door I could smell the smoke!! I did not cave in and am very proud of myself...yay!! :D:D

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hang on in there you are doing brilliantly.

You say you went out, does that mean for a drink?

If so that's a major trigger point for most people faced and defeated.

Keep up the great work.


I went out but not to a pub, just a friends house!! I couldn't drink anyway as was driving but everyone there was smoking! I was worried beforehand that I might be tempted to have "just the one" but I didn't!! :)

In fact, the smell alone made me feel slightly nauseous :eek:

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Sounds just as bad a "trigger" situation to me, you should give yourself a pat on the back for facing it so early in your quit!

Thanks!! :)

Well done on reaching day 3..and going beyond..the foirst three days are the worst for actual withdrawl.... sleeping gets better after a while..I trhink its common to have sleeping problems..I did..

I am on day 24 now..still remember day 3 .. and how it felt to be fighting and winning... keep can do this.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Unless I'm much mistaken Traceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (is that to many e's :)) is now counting in weeks!!

Way to go!!!

Day 9 for me now....woo-hoo!!

Sleeping is improving and my mouth ulcer is much less painful today!

I can inhale without choking and am not coughing my lungs up in the morning anymore!

I can play and laugh with my children without getting out of breath and my house has never been cleaner! :D

I no longer have to endure going outside in all weathers for my nicotine fix! :)

My stats:

Tracy - Free and Healing for Nine Days, 1 Hour and 48 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 9 Hours, by avoiding the use of 109 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £31.48.

hi trace...well done girl:D:D me and you are in the same boat..i to find life a lot better i also do a lot of breathing exercises..take a big breath and hold for 8secenes..then breath out can do this any time any helps me......not the best at spelling sorry/...traceeeeee..just keep the faith with me..and we will defeat the monster.../ all the best tonyx...O have not heard from josie for a few days ..hope she is ok../

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