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No Smoking Day
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Day 3... still waiting

Ok, I am getting scared now. I don't seem to be having any symptoms of quitting other than some really low level agitation. No coughing, no crying, no sweats... I just feel like a slightly agitated me.

This monster is going to come and bite me on the butt soon isn't it?!

I still am stiff as well from the gym... and I'm going back tomorrow! :confused: Pratt! LOL

Today's goal: Get this house tidied

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Hiya some people sail through a quit with no withdrawals at all and feel great I'm pretty certain Max didn't get any withdrawals as such either... Don't be anxious be happy :) you are very lucky to not be suffering in anyway during your quit, embrace it don't be anxious I don't think anything is coming to bite you on the bum if you stay positive :D x


Be happy you have no cravings and don't focus on it. x


Thanks ladies :) I've had some craves but nothing unbearable. Last time I quit I was in a really bad way! Tears, shakes, high agitation, sweats, farts, coughing, the lot! LOL I guess I just expected the same this time.

I really want to get my house tidied but I think my arms are going to fall off! I can only just lift a cuppa! Anyone have a cleaning fairy they want to send this way?


sorry mrs f i'm all cleaned out, just blitzed my house, starting to prepare for the big move. i'll send some mental cleaning vibes your way though to motivate you x


LOL thanks Kirstie! I managed to put some laundry in and clean the kitchen sides... the rest will have to wait! lol I can barely move (stupid stupid stupid gym!)

How's everyone doing today? xx


Honestly TG I can hardly move my arms today! Was legs yesterday! LOL AND I'm due to go back tomorrow! Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy!!! hehehe


in a couple of weeks it won't hurt at all once you've built up your muscles and fitness. i work out every day but it doesn't bother me anymore once you get to that level. then you have to try and find bigger and better things to move on to because you don't feel like i've made progress unless you physically feel the burn! x


Day 3 is a great day to get under your belt - I wouldn't worry about being 'crave free', everyone is different in a quit and if your not suffering too much then that's a bonus.

Good luck with your quit and look forward to seeing more posts from you :)


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