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Hi everyone

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Well I actually joined back in late July but never really got into the swing of things unfortunately. This time however, I am really up for the challenge.... you could say I am excited.

Got a few things to do for work tomorrow but I will be straight on to whyquit to get that extra motivation. I will be an ex-smoker as of midnight and can't wait to start a fresh tomorrow.

So, good times and good health ahead. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

All the best for now :)

bB :cool:

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hi blue,wellcome,to the site ,im 5days off the cigs,read all you can it helped me quite a lot,whyquit is a very good read.every body here will be here to help you ,they are a good bunch of lads here, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel good luck

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi there,

Great attitude, seem like you've got the info about reading already;) Good Job.

I hope things go well for your day 1 tomorrow!

Post back an let us know.



I hope day 1 is going OK for you - well done on making the decision.

As Nic says, you seem to have got the idea with the preperation... keep it going, information is key.

Keep us up to date :)

Hi there!

The desire and as mentioned above the decision are the two most important things. If you don't have the right attitude for that "fresh tomorrow" as you mentioned in the thread then you are going to struggle hard. Having a proper education towards the whole idea of quitting and such great forums it is a pity to not try (at least) to do it.

Good luck and nice to hear from more and more people about such decisions

Best regards,

Charlie R

Good Evening

Well it wasn't quite midnight, more around 00:45 but I ain't had a cig since then and I have been up since 6am. The cravings are honestly not that bad but I have a slight headache and a dry nose (know what I mean?).... not sure if thats connected, maybe just a slight cold which is just flippin' typical as I finish on Thursday for a 10 day break :(

It is really important for me to get past day 3 before finishing up for my break as going cold turkey with all that time on my hands would have been unrealistic.

With day 1 drawing to an end, I am feeling even more positive than before. I know some days are worse than others but I am honestly not to concerned about that at the moment. I am just really pleased that I have managed day one as I reckon its the biggest step towards being free.

One day at a time...


bB :cool:

hi blue,hang on in there,i went c/t and i found it was best for me.i smoked about 30plus a day,just keep the faith,the golden rule is read and read all you can,keep in touch all the best tonyx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done,

Day 1 out of the way (well nearly) and a great positive attitude.

I completely understand what you are saying about getting through the 1st few days before a break, its difficult to know what to do with yourself in the 1st few days without having extra time on your hands.

Anyway give yourself a big pat on the back for today, and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

All the best


Thank you

An ex-gf of mine, who is now a good friend, has offered to be my 'text support buddy'. I have to at least give her one text opportunity to change my mind before lighting up and I have agreed. That was really nice of her but I am hoping that I won't have to take her up on the offer... hmmm.. she'll probally accuse me of ignoring her lol :)

bB :cool:

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

LOL, just text her from time to time saying how long quit you are!!!

Great to have someone you can call on when you aren't near a PC.

There may well be points when you are finding things a bit tough and you can use texting to distract yourself.



Well done on getting through day 1 bB :)

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