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Hi Everyone!

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Ugh, just wrote a long introduction post then lost it because I was not logged in.


I am 36, have smoked since I was 18. That's half my life.. though I quit when I was pregnant and for the first few months after each of my 2 kids were born. I really didn't start smoking regularly until the second or third year, either.

But still... I have to admit it is half my life.

I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit I succumb to doing something so stupid, and I want to quit.

I haven't smoked since yesterday afternoon. I skipped the morning coffee cigarette successfully.. actually chose tea this morning on purpose.

I am hoping to find support and understanding here, and to offer it to others as well.


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v-rodforums.com/forums/imag... to the best place to be Gridley! Well done for taking the plunge; it's the best decision you could have made and just in time for a smoke-free holiday! :)

I'm sure you'll find all the advice and support you need here.. there're loads of good people who know what they're talking about ;)

Not having much fun this first day, but that is to be expected!! Just trying to get the impulse habit from my head.

Every 20 min or so!!

Gonna pick up some knitting to take my mind off smoking... will update later and hope to be on day 2 forum tomorrow.


keep busy Gridley - you can do this, I sense a strength in your tone and a certain optimism:). Look forward to seeing you in Day 2 and then Day 3 and then Day 4 and so on.. know what I mean?!;) :D

Sounds as if you're doing cold turkey, is that right?

Gridley welcome and congrats on making the most fabulous decision for your life!

The first days might be tricky img.photobucket.com/albums/..., but you'll also feel satisfied and happier than ever :), the path you've just taken is the right one and the closeness to the new year will boost up your - our - enthusiasm, together we can make it img.photobucket.com/albums/...

I suck.


I have to start again tomorrow with day one.


But having tried this many many times in the past... I am going to congratulate myself on at least 24 hours smoke free and start again NOW. So, I had 2 half cigs. :( By this time today though.. I am usually on maybe number 6?? I smoke about a half pack a day usually. So disappointed in myself, but not surprised.

I am even stating the time... 4:57 pm... whatever I need to do to get to day 2 after 24 hours.


Something I tend to do is browse the internet on quitting stories... stories of those who didn't quit early enough... stories of cancer victims who never smoked a day in their life. Then feel horrible about myself for letting myself do this to my body. But I am wondering if reading so much about smoking and stuff.. just makes me want to smoke. :o

Back to my yarn organization and knitting.. and still working on day one.

But not giving up. I hope I can move on past this thread tomorrow at this time.

Aw Gridley so sorry about that, but don't be too hard on yourself! hey cheer up, you can do it ;). I think IMHO you might need to slighlty shift your attitude from negative thoughts to positive ones...like, no one can really quit by focusing on the thought of death, hun, I see why you read those stories but that kind of approach hardly ever worked for anyone. Try and think happy thoughts instead, write down the reasons for you want to quit, make it personal, explore your reactions minute by minute, day by day, try and see the several good things you are about to gain in a smoke-free life, focus on those things instead, make plans, reward yourself, make this quit the most important thing of you life now - I am not saying it's easy, of course, but you need to at least feel good about quitting, as in the idea of quitting should put a smile on your face, even a weak smile will be okay hun, but do feel happy about it :) C'mon, you can do it - you sound like you really want to!

Thank you Francesca.. and I think you are right to be more positive instead of trying to scare myself into quitting all the time!!!

Doing ok so far!!!

Hi Gridley!! Welcome to the forum! You can do it. Keep yourself busy and concentrate on other things you love to do. The first 3 days are the absolute hardest but you can do it. Everytime you have a craving come on this forum and type until the craving disappears. Remember that a craving only lasts 3 minutes and then you are feeling better. You can surely keep busy for three minutes ;). Talk on the phone, play a game, do a puzzle, draw a picture or have a nap! You can do it this time. Take it minute by minute or hour by hour if you need to! Struggling at the beginning is terrible at the time, but sooooooooo worth it in the long run. You can get there ~ keep your head up! :D We are cheering for you as we are all on the same road! Hey and congrats on 24 hours - thats super!

Hi Gridley, you got a long way yesterday, today you're going to crack it. ;) Right?:D

Hello Gridley, Welcome aboard. Hope you ok today. take it hour by hour to start, then day to day, before you know it its week to week. Honest. Get that nicotine out of your body and your on the road to recovery. Good luck.

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austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

Gridley, Hi..!!

As you've chosen the Cold Turkey route, this site might give you that little extra comfort when you need it. whyquit.com/

Chase that 72hour dream

Looking forward to seeing you in week 2.


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Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Gridley, Hi..!!

As you've chosen the Cold Turkey route, this site might give you that little extra comfort when you need it. whyquit.com/

Chase that 72hour dream

Looking forward to seeing you in week 2.


What a great website.

Gridley, Hi..!!

As you've chosen the Cold Turkey route, this site might give you that little extra comfort when you need it. whyquit.com/

Chase that 72hour dream

Looking forward to seeing you in week 2.


I have browsed that site before... it's a good one! Thanks!

Haven't smoked since I last posted.. made it past my morning habit. Had errands and an appt this morning and am now having a lot of trouble!! I often will come home after being out, get the kids settled doing something, then sneak out for a smoke. Ugh, I want to do that pretty badly but I really want to get to day 2 this afternoon. So I cam here instead. :D

Thanks for your continued support. It means a lot to me!! It is tempting to just smoke, disable my account here, and be done with this quit attempt.. but what good does that do? That is why I am happy to have an internet group. You guys are anonymous, and understand what others are going through.

Will update at my 24 hour mark and I am pretty sure I can make it now.. just 4 hrs to go at this point. I can do this.

Welcome Gridley :)

Hope you have made your 24 hour mark,keep going take it day by day.

Here's to a smoke free xmas.


how's things? hope it's going ok. Those first few days really are the worst, and most of us had to do them a few times before we got the hang of it! Hang in there and even if there have been slips please keep going.

H x

I am happy to report I will finally be posting in a new section. I had a super hard time.. but what my dh and I did was wait until we took a 2 day trip out of town, where we never smoke (my family's house). Somehow we were able to commit to not jumping for a smoke when we returned home. I am 5 days smoke free~~~


It is still extremely hard at times... I will go post a new thread though. I am so happy to get out of this section!!

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