hi everyone !!!!!!!!!!


just thought id pop in to say i too, as well as barney have done 10 months!!! i cant believe it , to be honest, it does get easier (to all you new starters) and def worth it, without a doubt. i used to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist all the time, but i had it done about 4 weeks ago and they are still sparkling!!! just one of the many positives about giving up. i would never say, ive definitely done it, but it sure feels a lot better than the early days!!!

so all you new folk , who think about caving ............. it just takes time xxxx

take care alll , and see you prob when its 11 months byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx:cool:

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  • smileys.smileycentral.com/c... done Sandie. You are almost in the top penthouse you are doing great. Do you forget about smoking most of the time now hope so. give yourself a big treat. love Linda xxxx


  • ahhhhhhhh

    ahhh thanks guys

    linda, i do think about it almost every day, but not in the same way, more, wow i havnt had a cig for ......... days, months etc. in the early days i used to think about it 24/7 so in comparison its fantastic. i think we all have to remember that nicotine is a very powerful drug, its more addictive than cocaine. why it is leagal i really dont know!!!!!!!! so its just a matter of keep going and i think the most important thing is, dont ever think ' i'll just have one!!!

    hope that was of some help xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done sandie,

    This time for ever, eh??

    Bill X

  • Well done Sandie. Always good to hear updates from the long termers.

    Keep it up.

  • i really hope so bill g!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

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